Here’s Why Prince Harry ‘Hates Hotels’ and Wears ‘Disguise’ on UK Visits

A royal expert claims that the Duke of Sussex's extreme secrecy is understandable given his openly expressed need for personal space.

Kate Middleton

Here’s What Trolls Told Meg Bellamy, Who Played Kate Middleton on 'The Crown'

Following her casting as the princess, Bellamy remembers coming across 'all this negative stuff'?about her physique online.

Taylor Swift|Prince William

Fans Believe Taylor Swift's Recent Selfie with Prince William is a Dig at Harry and Meghan

William and Swift also met in 2013 and performed a song together at a charity event at the Buckingham Palace.

King Charles|Princess Diana

Here's Why Princess Diana and King Charles 'Cried Together' on The Day of Their Divorce

“It was this crazy separation, but by the time the divorce was finalized, they were on much better terms,” said Ingrid Steward.?

Donald Trump|Queen Elizabeth II

When Donald Trump Visited the Buckingham Palace and Touched Queen Elizabeth Breaking Royal Protocol

While Trump's action might appear harmless, it represents a significant violation of "traditional norms".

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle & Harry Deny Responsibility for Rift with William & Kate Despite Criticizing Royals

The rift between Harry, Meghan, and the rest of the British royal family shows no signs of healing. An insider revealed the ongoing tension.

Prince Harry|Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Advised to Stop Profiting from Their Royal Connections

"He has got to stop talking about them,” Royal expert says about Prince Harry and the royal family

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Was Allegedly 'Irritated' That Victoria Beckham Enjoyed More 'Wealth' and 'Fame'

"Meghan deluded herself that her status in the Royal family placed her above Victoria in the social pecking order,” the book states.

When Dolly Parton Shared Why She Ditched Having Tea With This Royal Family Member

In a BBC Radio 2 interview, in August last year, Parton revealed this Royal Family Member once invited her for tea.

Prince Harry

When Prince Harry Got a Letter From a Former Friend Advising Him, "Get Over Yourself"

"Get over yourself, you're not a victim," a former friend of Prince Harry said while also stating the royal was no longer the man he once knew.

Prince Harry|Meghan Markle|Kate Middleton

Here's Why Meghan Markle Was Once Allegedly 'Forced' to Apologize to Princess Kate Middleton

“Meg then acknowledged the tension among the four of us and ventured that it might go back to those early days..." wrote Prince Harry in his memoir.

King Charles|Princess Diana

Princess Diana Once Claimed THIS is Why Her Marriage With Prince Charles ‘Went Down the Drain’

It seems today that there was a single incident that signaled the couple's breakup, and Prince Charles's remark was the cause of it.

Taylor Swift|Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

Here's How Prince Williams Celebrated His Birthday With Kids, Grooving at Taylor Swift's London Concert

Some members of the royal family were among the Taylor Swift Eras Tour guests in London on June 21.

Kate Middleton

The Real Reason Behind Kate Middleton's Tradition of Taking Her Children’s Official Photographs

The Wales family birthday portraits often get praised for the free-spirited capturing of the royal children.?

Prince William|Kate Middleton

Prince William Was Jealous of This Ex of Wife Kate Middleton: “He Had Very Real Worries”

The college sweethearts, William and Kate were on a break, in 2007. Subsequently, she took on a trip to Ireland and dated a former schoolmate of William.

Prince Harry|King Charles

King Charles Wants Prince Harry to Stop Doing This 'Embarrassing' Thing to Rejoin Royal Family

Insiders suggested that King Charles is eager to welcome Prince Harry back into the royal family—but with a specific condition...

Prince Harry|Princess Diana

When Princess Diana's Former Butler Issued a Warning to Prince Harry: "Lay Off Kate and William"

Paul Burrell remarked, "Harry is not always the sharpest tool in the box, so he should lay off Kate and William."

Princess Diana|Queen Elizabeth II

When Ex-Royal Butler Made a Chilling Revelation About What Princess Diana's "Ghost" Told Him

According to Paul Burrell, Princess Diana believed in the spirit world and often talked about Ghosts, and so did the late Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Harry|Meghan Markle|Kate Middleton

Here's Why Prince Harry Won't Talk to Kate Middleton Without Taking 'Permission' From Meghan Markle

“I personally don’t believe that Harry would speak to Catherine [Middleton] privately without Meghan’s blessing,” claimed a royal expert.?

Netizens Go Gaga as Prince Louis Steals the Show With His Adorable Dancing: 'Little Prince You Slay’

Princess Charlotte, seeming less entertained, appeared to tell Louis to ‘stop’ as she exchanged words with him, but netizens were in love.