Taylor Swift|Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

How Taylor Swift's Mom Reacted to 'thanK you aIMee' Lyric at Eras Tour Show: 'Saintly Woman'

The medley performance on June 22, 2024, by Taylor Swift was followed by a verse that mentioned her mum.?

Travis Kelce

When Travis Kelce Was Slammed By Fans For ‘Classless’ Super Bowl Afterparty Celebration in Las Vegas

Kelce was seen on camera mocking the 49ers while holding a microphone during the late-night celebration in a Las Vegas nightclub.

Taylor Swift

Here's Why the Kansas City Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Gave Taylor Swift THIS Expensive Birthday Gift

Hunt family gifted the Minaudieres Swarovski microphone purse worth $4,995 to Swift on her birthday after Kelce decided not to buy it.

Taylor Swift|Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Did This During Taylor Swift's London Show, Sending Everyone Into a Frenzy

One social media user even referred to the incident online when they stated, "How did she [Swift] not break character!!!!"

Anonymous Tipper Tipped the Police About Justin Timberlake's 'Intoxicated State' Before DWI Arrest

A well-known source declined to state if the caller was a client or worker of Sag Harbor's American Hotel, or from Timberlake's party troupe.

Taylor Swift

New Documentary Shows Taylor Swift's Experience of Her 'Genuine Crisis' Amid Legal Battle

"She seems genuinely in crisis,” journalist Zing Tsjeng said about Taylor Swift in the latest documentary.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Favorite Kebab Shop Owner Declined VIP Ticket Due to 'Work Commitments'

Taylor Swift's generous offer of a VIP concert ticket was met with a surprising response from her favorite kebab shop owner in London.

Kanye West|Bianca Censori

When Kanye West Posted a Strange Video of Bianca Censori in Revealing Outfit Among Clone-Like Figures

A fan stated, "I feel terribly for his children and any other child in the family. They will experience the traumatic effects of this psychopath."

Bartender Confirms Just How Much Justin Timberlake Drank Before Arrest

"I had one martini,” Justin Timberlake said during his recent DWI arrest in the Hamptons last week.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Throws Shade on Haters Before Playing ‘thanK you aIMee’: 'F–k You, Aimee'

"That’s not remotely normal [and] it is so insane for you to [have] done that for me …" Taylor Swift said.

Taylor Swift|Travis Kelce

When Travis Kelce's Ex Kayla Nicole Disabled Her DMs Amid His Romance With Taylor Swift

Kayla Nicole recalled how she recovered from her breakup with Travis Kelce, "I felt like sh-- and I was sad. So, I started to go to therapy."?

Kanye West|Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori's Extreme Weightloss Sparks Concern Amid Cracks in Her Marriage with Kanye West

A fan on X, formerly Twitter, expressed concern, I don't care what anybody says. A woman who constantly "dresses" like that needs an intervention."?

Drake|Jennifer Lopez

When Rapper Drake Admitted He Once Drunk-Texted Songstress Jennifer Lopez in This New Album

Drake and Jennifer Lopez first sparked romance rumors back in December 2016 and by March 2017, JLo ended the chapter once and for all.

Jennifer Lopez

Why Jennifer Lopez Felt Like She Was the ‘Punchline’ Early in Her Career: "You’re a Joke"

Lopez confessed in a documentary, "It was hard when you think people think you're a joke — like, you're a punchline."

Donald Trump|Natalie Portman|Ivanka Trump

6 Hollywood A-Listers Who No Longer Chill With Ivanka Trump: 'A Lot That's Worrying Me...'

From Natalie Portman to Karlie Kloss, Ivanka Trump has had a falling out with some of the biggest people on the planet.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Gifted Grandson Psalm West a Cybertruck: "I Wanna Drive This to School!"

This toy car matched the Cybertruck his mom owns, and Kim showed it off on her Instagram stories, calling it the 'coolest gift' for Psalm's birthday.

Donald Trump

Biden Campaign Shares Video of Trump ‘Wandering Off,’ Faces Backlash as Critics Call It 'Desperate' Move

Biden campaign account, @BidenHQ, posted, "Here is a montage of Donald Trump getting confused, lost, wandering off, and waving to nobody."

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Fan Left Unable to Walk After Alleged Spiking Incident at Concert: Police Issue Warning

Swift fan's dream night turned into a frightening ordeal at Liverpool's Anfield Stadium. Grace believes she was spiked during the June 14 show.

Drew Barrymore

6 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Major Hardships and Life Lessons in Their Memoirs

From Drew Barrymore to Paris Hilton, these celebrities opened up about their biggest life lessons through their memoirs.

Jennifer Lopez|Ben Affleck

When Jennifer Lopez Reacted to Her Mom’s Wish for Her and Ben Affleck to Reunite

“I knew that you would always get back together,” Jennifer Lopez’s mother said in an interview