Donald Trump|Melania Trump|Stormy Daniels

Melania Trump Did This Right After The Stormy Daniels Controversy Erupted: Ex-Aide Reveals

"This is very, very embarrassing for her. It’s humiliating for her," the ex-aide claimed as she spoke of Melania Trump.

Donald Trump|Marjorie Taylor Greene

Seth Meyers Reveals Real Reason Behind Trump's 'Compliment' for Marjorie T. Greene: "It's Because...'

Seth Myers has a history of pulling Marjorie Taylor Greene's leg in the past with his sharp political humor.

When Fans Were Shocked To Learn That Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Have Day Jobs: "Don't Pay Enough"

One fan commented on the reel, “This is cool, but also, the NFL is a billion-dollar industry and they don’t pay the cheerleaders enough money.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Allegedly Fails to Pay Legal Bill in Dispute Over Ex-MI6 Spy's Kremlin Claims

The legal saga surrounding Donald Trump escalates as he faces mounting pressure to settle a legal bill related to the Kremlin dossier lawsuit.

Donald Trump

Internet Trolls Donald Trump as He Faces Huge Embarrassment in a Failed Attempt to Kiss This Lady

The resurfaced video from an event in 2019 has irked the netizens and drawn the ire of people against Trump.

Nicole Brown Simpson Warned Friends — O.J. Once Threatened to 'Chop' Her Up in 'Little Pieces'

Nicole's inner circle still thinks O.J. Simpson was the reason for her murder, and this revelation has hit differently now for many.

Barack Obama

When Barack Obama Opened Up About Sasha’s Difficult Childhood Health Diagnosis: "If We Had Waited.."

Barack Obama recalled how he underwent the worst fear of his life, when Sasha faced this health issue.

Donald Trump

MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Worried Trump May Put Her in an Internment Camp if He Becomes The President

Rachel Maddow voiced concerns about being targeted by Trump if re-elected, potentially facing internment camps.

Ashley Biden's Secret Lover Revealed, a Troubled Ex-Convict, She Found 'Calming' and 'Great Kisser'

Ashley Biden's diary exposes her passionate involvement with Eric Dengler, a troubled individual whose life ended tragically due to drug abuse.

Donald Trump|Joe Biden

Donald Trump Bizarrely Claims 'Dark Forces' Control Joe Biden in Dr. Phil Interview

In a recent interview with Dr. Phil, Former President Trump discusses unseen forces controlling Biden and family struggles.

Donald Trump|Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels to Reveal Why Melania Knows She's 'Telling the Truth' About Her Affair with Trump

In an exclusive podcast, Stormy Daniels discusses her alleged affair with Donald Trump, her role in his conviction, and her life story.

Donald Trump

Ex-Lawyer Tells Fox Host 'They Are Lying' About Trump Being a 'Convicted Felon,' Faces Backlash

When an Ex-lawyer challenged the characterization of Trump as a 'convicted felon' on Fox, it ignited a firestorm online.

Donald Trump|Joe Biden

Biden Vows No Pardon for Hunter If Found Guilty in Gun Case: "Trump Got a Fair Trial"

President Biden, in an interview with ABC News, stated he would not pardon Hunter if convicted of gun charges.

Donald Trump|Melania Trump

Melania Trump Seemingly Leaves NYC with Barron for 'Safe Haven' After Donald Trump's Conviction

This sighting occurred five days after the ex-president was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his hush money trial.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

'National Embarrassment', MTG Slammed for ‘Crazy and Irresponsible' Attack on Fauci

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's fierce attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci during a House hearing led to accusations of spreading misinformation.

Oprah Winfrey

Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and Other Celebrities Were Named?in the Infamous Epstein?Documents

On July 6, 2019, Jeffery Epstein was apprehended on charges related to the sex trafficking of minors across Florida and New York.

Kim Kardashian

Joe Exotic's Bold Plea to Kim Kardashian 'Help Me Get Out of This Hell Hole'

Joe Exotic, the Tiger King star, Frustrated and desperate, accuses Kim Kardashian of ignoring his requests for help.

Donald Trump

Trump Allegedly Used N-Word to Call a Black Contestant Per The Former ‘Apprentice’ Producer

Trump used the racial slur to describe Kwame Jackson, a Black finalist on the first season of The Apprentice.

Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels Urges Melania Trump to Leave Donald Trump Following Guilty Verdict

Stormy Daniels, a key figure in Donald Trump's hush money trial, publicly advises Melania Trump to divorce her husband following his felony conviction.

Donald Trump

DOJ Close to Settlement With Two Ex-FBI 'Lovebirds' For Their Involvement in Anti-Trump Text Scandal

Former President Trump utilized these messages to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Russia investigation during his presidency.