Liberate Your Creativity, Part 1

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for ideas? Maybe it was a blank scrapbook page staring back at you or a photo that you just couldn’t figure out how to scrap. Most of us find ourselves blocked or uninspired at some point in our creative lives. Drex Davis, president of offers some creative solutions for unblocking your inner artist in his blog. But it doesn’t have to be just a scrapbooking block, it could be writing, photography, art, or any other creative endeavor.

I signed up for the challenge two weeks ago and did my first homework assignment, which was to buy a new journal to chart my creative journey. Unfortunately that was as far as I got on my trip. Really it was the easy part, shopping is always fun and doesn’t require any extra energy or insight.

Now I’m ready to get moving on the activities. So this is the first part in the series. I’m going to take 3 lessons at a time and then post my results here. Being the externally motivated person that I am I need the accountability of having to complete the series or suffer the pie-in-the-face feeling of not having kept my word.

If anyone wants to join me, add a comment and we can liberate our creative genius together! Until next time, do some shopping for a new journal!