When Comedian Jimmy Kimmel Mocked Trump Over His 91 Indictments: "If I Were The Judge..."

When Comedian Jimmy Kimmel Mocked Trump Over His 91 Indictments: "If I Were The Judge..."
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Comedian Jimmy Kimmel surely loves piling on former President Donald Trump.

After a five-month-hiatus due to the Writer's strike, the Late Night host snatched the spotlight with a monologue that aimed at Trump's legal issues, leaving the audience in stitches back on the October 2 episode, per Raw Story. Trump, who is currently embroiled in a legal quagmire with 91 felony counts, became the focus of Kimmel's razor-sharp wit upon his return to the stage on his return.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jim Vondruska
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jim Vondruska


He informed the audience that the crew realized it was time to get back to work when their parents started texting them with performance notes. Reading one of these notes, Kimmel joked, "Please don't make the whole monologue about Trump," Kimmel read from Josh's mom. "That is a no-can-do. I am backed up like you cannot believe," said Kimmel.

Kimmel roasted Trump in the segment a lot, but the highlight was when he shared that he couldn't hold back when Trump's indictments came through. "Trump is now facing 91 felony counts. 91 felony counts," he said to audience applause. "It's like all of Melania's birthday wishes came true at once," he quipped.


"Every time something Trump happened in the news, I would get texts asking me if I was bummed we didn't have a show that night, and mostly, I was fine. But the one that really got me was when they booked Trump in Georgia, and he self-reported his weight at 215 pounds," the show host joked about Trump. "I almost crossed the picket line for that. If I were the judge in the case he has going in New York right now, I'd start the trial by saying 'Look, we're gonna get to the fraud thing, but first? Hop up on this scale, big fella.' If he's 215 pounds, that means he is 30 pounds lighter than his last physical. When he was president, he was 245 pounds. which means he is either lying or the colonel is now frying his chicken in Ozempic."




He continued by discussing Trump's serious appearance in the mugshot, and the irony of the merchandise the Trump campaign sold post it. "And he made a t-shirt out of it to sell to his fans. Now this, to me, is classic Donald Trump. He's selling a 'Never Surrender' shirt with a picture of him in the act of surrendering on it," Kimmel cracked up.

Kimmel also attacked Trump for a statement he made suggesting that since California has received so much rain, they ought to utilize it to keep their trees damp and prevent fires. "Supporters from all around the southland paid $600 a pop for bright new ideas like this," said Kimmel. "He is so right. Why didn't we think of dampening the forest? That should be his slogan for 2024. DTF, dampen the forests," he quipped, with an image of Trump wearing a red cap with the letters "DTF," which is slang for something else in social media!


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