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Dismissed Juror Kara McGee Describes ‘Jarring’ Encounter With Trump in Court: "It was odd"

McGee stated, “...It was such an interesting experience...I had never seen him in person...also he sees me talking about him, which is bizarre.”

Donald Trump

When Jeffrey Epstein's Former Pilot Claimed Bill Clinton and Donald Trump To have Used the Plane

“In 2002 and 2003, President Bill Clinton took a total of four Trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane," said a spokesperson.

Donald Trump

When Jeffrey Epstein Revealed Why He Stopped Hanging Out With Trump: "He Was a Crook"

Donald Trump said in an interview, "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. He's [Jeffrey] a lot of fun to be with."

The View|Donald Trump|Joy Behar

Joy Behar Awkwardly Recalls Posing Pictures With Eric and Lara Trump on 'The View'

"I saw the picture and I thought, I have to go into rehab now," Behar recalled meeting the Trumps at the Correspondents' Dinner.

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When Joe Biden Was Interrupted Mid-Speech by Rabbi Demanding an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

The Biden administration hesitated to call for an immediate ceasefire despite international pressure before finally agreeing to a 'humanitarian pause.'

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When Mary Trump Said Ivanka Would Throw Donald Trump 'Under the Bus' As She Testified Against Him

Mary Trump emphasized that Ivanka Trump is "legitimately wealthy" and doesn't rely on her father's approval or support.

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Alina Habba Echoes Trump's False Claim That a Judge Ruled He Couldn’t Attend His Son’s Graduation

Donald Trump accused Judge Juan Merchan of declining to halt the trial to allow him to attend his son Barron's high school graduation.

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Haberman Says Trump Made a Pretty Specific Stare at Her After She Reported He Dozed off During Trial

“I noticed he made a pretty specific stare at me and walked out of the room,” Haberman revealed.

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President Joe Biden Pokes Fun at Donald Trump's Tax Fraud: He 'Might Do Better Under My Tax Plan'

Just before Tuesday's closing bell, Truth Social's share price dropped by more than 13 percent to almost $23.

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Trump Treated Like Other Criminal Defendants, But Allies Are Mad Over 'Double Standard of Justice'

Trump's team is sending talking points to supporters on how to portray his a 'bogus case', 'weak case', and 'not a hush money case.'

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Donald Trump Seemingly Showcases His Power by 'Winking' At a Court Officer Ahead of Hush Money Trial

Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social, "It looks like the judge does not allow me to escape this scam. It's a scam."

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Jon Stewart Slams Trump for Dozing Off in Court: 'Imagine Committing So Many Crimes, You Get Bored'

"This is a persecution like never before. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it," Donald Trump stated during the trial.

Newt Gingrich Calls for Americans to Be Accused of ‘Treason’ for Chanting ‘Death to America’

“You can’t get up and say ‘Death to America’ as an American citizen,” Newt Gingrich said recently in an interview.

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Jon Stewart Slams Trump’s ‘Gettysburg, Wow’ Comment: ‘Plagiarized From My Seventh-Grade Book Report’

"This weekend, our former president – and illustrious historian Donald J. Trump – spoke near one of America’s most hallowed battlefields," Jon Stewart said.

Donald Trump|Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Trump a Scalding Nickname After He Dozed Off at NY Hush Money Trial

Trump was 'jolted back awake' after receiving multiple notes from his lawyer, according to New York Times writer Maggie Haberman.

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DNC Launches Ad Bashing Trump in Battleground States: 'Meganomics Agenda is Nothing but a Scam'

The ad directs viewers to to educate them about the Republican tax proposal which would “give tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy."

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RFK Jr. Says He 'Respectfully Declined' Trump's VP Offer: 'Trump Knows Who Actually Can Beat Him'

It all started when a political group supporting Trump launched a harsh attack on Kennedy through a website called

Obama Era Figure Alleges Kushner's Saudi Deal Brings 'Unprecedented Corruption'

The allegations stem from a hefty $2 billion investment Kushner's firm received from Saudi Arabia in 2021, as reported by

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Trump Criticized After an Old Video Re-Surfaced Where He Claimed He Was 'Smart' for Not Paying Taxes

"I fight like hell to pay as little as possible,” Donald Trump once said while boasting about avoiding taxes.

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Former Trump Aide & Ex-Convict Slams Trump, Says ‘Time To Pay the Piper’: ‘Stop Whining Donny’

Parnas ranted, "I was prosecuted, and [Cohen] was prosecuted for the crimes we committed on your behalf!!!"