Donald Trump

Civil Rights Pioneer Torches Trump on MSNBC for Black Voter Claims: ‘Insult to Voters’ Intelligence’

Sharpton, a long-term civil rights leader, political activist, and an MSNBC contributor, slammed Trump for disparaging voters.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene Was ‘Absolutely Racist’ During Heated House Hearing, Says Crockett

Crockett slammed Greene, “I absolutely think that she only did it to be racist towards me. It is buying into a racist trope.”

Donald Trump

Trump Dubbed ‘Babbling Moron’ After He Seems To Think He’s Campaigning for GOP Primaries in January

"A confused Trump claims he should be campaigning in the early primary states of 'Iowa' and 'New Hampshire' (Their elections were in January)."

Donald Trump

Internet Roasts ‘Crybaby-In-Chief’ Trump for Complaining About ‘Waking up Early’ To Get to Court

"Poor trump, experiencing what the majority of Americans have done most of their lives—get up early to work," a user trolled.

Donald Trump

MSNBC Slams Trump for Implying 'Manchurian' Biden Should Be Put in ‘Electric Chair’ at NRA Gathering

Matthews opined that she feels like Trump does these things as "he wants to get a reaction out of them" because he "thinks it'll be entertaining."

Donald Trump

Biden Takes Yet Another Vicious Shot at Trump, Says He’s ‘Not a Good Loser,’ but ‘He Is a Loser'

According to many staffers and advisors familiar with the plan, Biden is responsible for this new strategy of trying to get under Trump's skin.

Donald Trump

Trump Trolled After Claiming He’s a ‘Better Physical Specimen’ Than Obama: "Deeply Sick Man"

Trump has frequently thrown around Obama's name in his campaign speeches, sometimes it's a mixup or a gaffe, but most often it's on purpose.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Spotted Without Wedding Ring Amid Split Rumors, Fans Blame JLo for Relationship Troubles

"They have gone through phases where things haven't been as great between them due to their different personalities," a source disclosed.

Donald Trump

Biden Campaign Has a Field Day Trolling ‘Confused’ Trump for ‘Glitching and Slurring’ at NRA Speech

Not one to leave a rally without creating moments of internet gold, Trump was ridiculed online by the Biden campaign for a string of embarrassing slip-ups.

Donald Trump|Joe Biden

6 Key Moments From the Last Time Donald Trump and Joe Biden Debated in 2020

Here are the top 6 noteworthy moments from the first time these two faced off, despite all the interruptions, jeers, and accusations.

Donald Trump

7 Trump Allies Who Have Hinted They Won't Commit to Accepting Results of the 2024 Elections

Senator Lindsay Graham stated, "I'll accept them if I think...there's no massive cheating. I accepted 2020..."

Donald Trump

Analysts Say Trump’s Actions Show He’s ‘Bracing for a Guilty Verdict’ in Hush Money Criminal Case

According to legal analysts, Trump's actions seem to point to a matter-of-fact realization — that a guilty verdict is inevitable.

Donald Trump

Here’s 9 Biggest Bombshells From Michael Cohen’s Testimony, in Trump’s Own Words

Here are nine bombshell instances from Cohen's testimony where he damaged Trump severely by merely recounting what he said were Trump's own words.

Donald Trump

‘Liar’ Trump Slammed for Falsely Claiming NY Court Is Inaccessible for MAGA Fans, ‘Like Fort Knox’

A user mocked Trump, saying, "Has to convince himself the cult would be there if they could be."

Donald Trump

Lauren Boebert Roasted After Gushing Over Donald Trump: ‘Looks Pretty While He Sleeps’ in Court

“But if he is sleeping, y’know, he certainly looks pretty while he sleeps. Maybe it’s an endearing moment of prayer, though,” Boebert claimed.

Donald Trump

Matt Gaetz Slammed for White Supremacist 'Standing Back and Standing By' Dog Whistle Dedicated to Trump

An attorney specializing in national security claimed, "They're ready to start another insurrection."?

Donald Trump

Lara Trump Trolled for Calling the Presidential Debates “Rigged” — Months Before They Even Happen

A user mocked her, "Lara's face is rigged." with another chiming in, "When you marry into a family that rigs everything, everything else looks rigged."

Donald Trump

Trump Surrogates Wear Matching Ties To Hush Money Trial and Attempt to ‘Skirt the Line’ on Gag Order

"I do have a lot of surrogates and they are speaking very beautifully," Trump boasted.

Donald Trump|Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley Snubs Trump at Donor Event, Days After Drawing Support Away From Trump in 3 GOP Primaries

Trump received little to no mention at a donor event Haley held at Charleston for all her campaign's contributors.

Donald Trump

Trump and His Allies Mocked for ‘Cringe’ Fundraising Plea: ‘Embarrassing, Low Quality Cult’

A user joked, "Imagine the idiocy of making a fundraising appeal at a courthouse where your nominee is being criminally prosecuted."

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