When Britney Spears’s Ex-BF Shared?‘Near Death’?Experience After Singer ‘Spun’ Car at 60mph

When Britney Spears’s Ex-BF Shared?‘Near Death’?Experience After Singer ‘Spun’ Car at 60mph
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Britney Spears in her memoir, The Woman In Me, didn't hold back while sharing her side of the story— about feeling 'shamed' by Justin Timberlake after their public separation, her rebound affair with Colin Farrell, or the disintegration of her marriage with Kevin Federline, the father of her boys.

Spears also discussed her connection with a photographer who was formerly part of the paparazzi that trailed her but later stood on the other side of the camera, as her lover and confidant.



Photographer Adnan Ghalib, who was born in the United Kingdom, began dating Spears in December 2007, according to Reuters. She was 26 years old, and Ghalib was 35.

Although Spears refrained from directly mentioning him in the book, she admitted to 'dating a photographer' just before her conservatorship began. She detailed an incident when while being followed by paparazzi, she did a sharp U-turn at a cliff.

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As per The Sun, she wrote, "I honestly didn’t even know I could do a 360...it was completely beyond me, so I think it was God. But I stuck it...the back wheels of the car stopped on what seemed like the very edge, and if the wheels had rotated maybe three more times, we would have just gone off the cliff." However, Ghalib's account somewhat differed.



He shared, "Britney wanted to let her hair down and go for a drive, which she loves doing. She wasn’t wound up or high. She threw a left out of her home onto Mulholland Drive, which is a very winding road above the hills of LA. She was driving faster and faster around a lot of hairpins with sharp turns close to cliffs and banks. She was going as fast as 60mph on turns where 20mph is safest. She was laughing and just so happy to be out of the house on our own with no paparazzi." The events that followed, according to Ghalib, made him wonder how they managed to escape death.



He continued, "All of a sudden, she was taking us closer to the edges of the cliffs, before pulling back at the last minute. It was not because she was a bad driver, but because she was speeding and this car was so powerful. Then on one turn where it looked like the road ended, because of how hard the left turn was, Britney made the turn, hit the brakes, and we spun around, perilously close to the edge. As the passenger, I was looking down into the abyss. She was like ‘Wow, we could have died.’ And I was like ‘I’m surprised we didn’t." While Adnan was scared at the time, he said that the experience changed him forever.

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