Sister Wives|Meri Brown

Throwback to When Sister Wives' Meri Brown Had a Dramatic Makeover and Posed With Her New Partner

Meri Brown, from Sister Wives, colored her hair a vivid auburn color and showed off?in a recent Instagram post.

Donald Trump

Trump's Team Threatens to Sue 'The Apprentice'?Movie’s Producers for?‘Blatantly False Assertions'

The Trump spokesperson called the movie 'garbage' and 'pure fiction which sensationalizes lies that have been long debunked.'

Kim Kardashian

When Critics Called Kim Kardashian’s Struggle to Get into a Tight One-Piece ‘Ridiculous’

The entertaining Kim Kardashian curses her way into a skintight latex outfit in an old resurfaced?video.

Prince Harry

Royal Analyst Brands Prince Harry as ‘Laughable’ for His Behavior During Nigeria Trip

The couple, who resigned from their royal roles in 2020, faced criticism for behaving as still being senior royals while promoting the Invictus Games.

Katy Perry|American Idol

American Idol Judge Katy Perry Gets 'Judged' For This ‘Disrespectful’ Move Toward the Audience

The Dark Horse singer infuriated her legion of devoted followers when she posted a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram.

Donald Trump

Trump Claims No President Has ‘Done More’ for Black Americans Than Him, Angry Netizens Call It Out

Trump stoked the passion of his most ardent fans, an important fundraising demographic, during Saturday's address.

Donald Trump

Former NBA Player Claims He Wouldn't Vote for Democrats Even If Trump 'Takes a Shit up at the Podium'

The Minnesota Republican Party on Saturday?endorsed?Royce White, a former NBA star running for the 5th Congressional District.

Donald Trump

Outraged Congresswoman Loses It?When Fox News Host Brings up Her?Calling?Trump?a ‘Whack Job'

When the Fox News anchor read passages from a New York Times piece, the New York Republican became visibly upset during their conversation.

Here's Why Brooklyn Beckham’s Wife Nicola Got Labeled as the 'Nightmare Bride'

In a biting new documentary, Nicola Peltz Beckham is called a "nightmare bride" for her conflict with wedding planners.

Donald Trump

Trump ‘Freezes’?for 30 Seconds During His Speech, Netizens Says GOP is in 'Serious Trouble'

The long break was quickly noticed by commentators, who conjectured as to whether it was purposeful or the music was played at the wrong time.

American Idol

6 'American Idol' Contestants Who Found Stardom After Being Eliminated

These 'American Idol' competitors proved elimination was just a detour, not the end of their musical endeavors.

Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber Said That His Ex-Girlfriend Used To Yell at Him Before His Performance

At the time, he disclosed how he surrounds himself with positive, uplifted individuals rather than negative ones.

Kim Kardashian|The Kardashians

8 Times The Kardashians Were Exposed By Their Close Former Friends

As per reports, Kim Kardashian stopped answering calls from her closest friend Brittny Gastineau shortly after she got married to Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian|North West

North West Attends a Basketball Game With Mom Kim Kardashian, Gets Slammed for Being Too ‘Privileged’

Kardashian got the opportunity to bring North inside the locker room to pose alongside Cameron Brink and other teammates.

Joe Biden

Here’s Why President Biden Just Agreed to Turn Off 60% Of America’s Electricity

According to EPA regulation, power plants that burn coal and natural gas had to shut down or reduce their carbon emissions.

The View|Joy Behar

This Guest on ‘The View’ Lashed Out at Joy Behar for 'Dragging Him' Throughout the Interview

The producers cut to footage of Him sitting next to pal Bowen Yang in the crowd as the other fan engaged the panelists on The View.

Prince Harry

Meghan and Prince Harry Did THIS and It Has Made King Charles ‘Angrier Than Anyone Has Ever Seen Him’

Rumor has it that the British government had nothing to do with 'arranging or facilitating' Harry and Meghan's activities.

Prince Harry

'American Pie' Singer Don McLean Makes Rude Remark About Prince Harry, "Tell Him to Shut His Mouth"

The 1971 American Pie singer has gone on the offensive, accusing Prince Harry of not getting 'America' in an interview.

Donald Trump

Jimmy Fallon Gets Creative With Interview?Questions on 'The Tonight Show' by Reusing Old Trump Clips

The spoof interview on "The Tonight Show" included genuine footage of the Former President Donald Trump, with hilarious outcomes.

Donald Trump

Trump Complains About Teleprompters at His Minnesota Speech: “They Wonder Why I Don’t Pay the Bill”

Mimicking Biden, Trump claimed that the current U.S. president would 'leave' if the same thing were to occur during any of his addresses.

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