When Kody Brown Tried Not To Cry as He Discussed His Strained Relation With Kids Gabriel and Garrison

When Kody Brown Tried Not To Cry as He Discussed His Strained Relation With Kids Gabriel and Garrison
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Despite a rough past few weeks, Kody Brown expressed optimism about repairing his connection with kids Gabriel and Garrison Brown on this episode of Sister Wives. He got very emotional during the show and said, "I'm pretty sad that I'm not close anymore." Janelle admitted in the season's opening that she and Kody couldn't be together if he was 'estranged' from their sons.



As the screen displayed an old picture of Kody with his sons Garrison and Gabriel, Kody said in a confessional, "I haven't been in touch with my Gabriel or Garrison in quite a while. I'm pretty sad that I'm not close anymore. There were just so many things in our lives that were rich together. I think and hope that, in time, we'll just get over this. And it will be safe being back around each other. Right now, there's not really an open door with Gabe and Garrison. They're not really willing to engage with me."



As reported by The US Sun, since Covid struck, Garrison and Gabriel have had a hard time keeping in touch with their father. Kody's relationship with his sons started to deteriorate last season after he accused them of disrespecting him and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, because of Kody's rigorous COVID-19 regulations. At the time, Kody asked that the children apologize for their behavior, which further drove a wedge between them. Therefore, Kody and Robyn spent the 2021 holidays without Janelle and her six children.

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Kody also paid his first visit to his ex-wife Janelle and their daughter Savannah in their new residence on the Sister Wives episode that aired on Sunday. Even though it was huge, he felt out of place in Janelle's brand-new home.

As reported by People, he said, "I like this place. The other apartment was pretty cramped. But it's just dawning on me that maybe the whole reason Janelle moved here was because the other apartment was our place. I was living there with her, and she's moved here, and it doesn't look like I'll be living here with her."



The patriarch continued, "It's her apartment. It's not ours. But there's no room for me. It's not about me and her. I honestly don't know why she's showing me other than, well, I mean, our daughter [Savannah] lives there. I'm looking at this apartment. I'm like, it's really obvious to me. I'm never going to live in it."



Kody further told the cameras, "I asked Janelle once, 'Say, what is it? Why can't we reconcile? Let's try and reconcile. Why can't we?' [She said], 'Well, I don't know what your relationship with Robyn and Meri is, but I'm just not interested in being involved with those people. And that's sad because that's the deal we made about plural marriage." However, Janelle had a different story to tell; she said in the confessional, "He's never come to me and said, 'Hey, I love you. I miss you. I want to get this back together.' It's always about, don't you want to get the family back together so that his life can run smoothly again? And I'm done with that, I really am."

Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 6, 2023. It has since been updated.

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