Khloe Kardashian’s Fans Diss Her ‘Overfilled Lumpy’ Lips in Close-up Pic With Sister Kendall Jenner

Khloe Kardashian’s Fans Diss Her ‘Overfilled Lumpy’ Lips in Close-up Pic With Sister Kendall Jenner
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Fans are slamming Khloe Kardashian for botched lip fillers.

Kardashian displayed her supposedly shapeless lips in a close-up picture she shared with her sister. The 39-year-old Good American founder was seen beside Kendall Jenner in Las Vegas during the Super Bowl, per The Sun. Khloé was spotted in the background of a Snapchat video. The footage was meant to capture Justin Bieber, who was sitting in the audience. The celebrity, dressed in a short-cropped cami, white leggings, and a fluffy jacket, watched the game intently.

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Someone grabbed a snapshot of the video and shared it on a Reddit forum, where fans started to debate Khloe's lip fillers. "Omg...What is wrong with her lip?!" the discussion was titled. 

"WAYYY too much lip fillers and also I suspect an upper lip lift. Her cupid's bow is basically gone now and I think it’s because she had an upper lip lift and too much fillers," someone replied.



"It gives a muppet-like look because the mouth/lips no longer have structure, no defined borders or natural lip edges. She also looks like she’s frowning all the time even when smiling the lip corners don’t lift, they rotate downwards," the person analyzed the celebrity's face, concluding, "She has Botox around her mouth so she already has trouble smiling, but she also has so many fillers in her cheeks that she literally can’t even smile because the weight of the fillers is pushing down on her already weakened mouth."

Another fan slammed her, writing, "Massively overfilled and lumpy." Yet another fan took a jab at both her looks and her personality, writing, "[She has] no emotion, like everything is frozen that comes out of her mouth."


Khloe has been called out for her misshapen lip fillers before. In October 2023, fans were taken aback by her substantially puffy lips when she released a new autumn video on Instagram displaying her Halloween décor. The Kardashians star used her Instagram story to show off her festive fall décor to her 312 million followers. Fans couldn't help but notice her lips were plumper than ever since she had previously also been chastised for using "bad lip fillers." In the video, Khloe could be seen showing off the front porch of her $17 million property in Calabasas, Los Angeles. 



A reviewer wrote, per The Mirror, "Khloe's lips look so bad here. The fact that she still denies having had lip fillers is a bit of a joke." Another admirer said, "I think its just botched lip fillers. She can't completely close her lips and also Kylie’s are odd too... points downward." A third commented on her fuller lips, stating, "Someone needs to sit this woman down and tell her she's so beautiful as she is. She doesn't need all of that pumped into her lips. It's so out of fashion these days anyway."

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