Here’s Why Robert Kennedy Jr’s Bizarre Confession About Jeffrey Epstein Is Shocking People Online

Here’s Why Robert Kennedy Jr’s Bizarre Confession About Jeffrey Epstein Is Shocking People Online
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Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made an outrageous justification of his relationship with late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, which most likely hurt his already dwindling chances of winning the 2024 presidential elections.

Kennedy has indicated in the past in an interview with Fox News that he has traveled on Epstein's private jet twice, also adding that “nobody knew anything about Epstein’s nefarious activities till 2006,” per Independent.

Kennedy said in a March 6 podcast interview with Flagrant that he didn't only hang out with Epstein, a renowned figure, but many other sexual abusers. “I’m in New York for most of my life. You run into everybody in New York,” he said. “I mean, I knew Harvey Weinstein. I knew Roger Ailes. I knew ― O.J. Simpson came to my house. Bill Cosby came to my house,” per HuffPost.



Kennedy, however, didn't boast about his acquaintances or attempt to defend any of them, just went on to justify that he knew many sex offenders like Epstein. “You don’t know these people are swamp creatures until all this stuff comes out,” he said.

Kennedy talked about being on Donald Trump's jet and likened it to Epstein's in later parts of the interview. He also shared specifics regarding his interactions with Epstein, claiming that on their first meeting, the latter effectively confessed to financial crimes. “I did see creepiness immediately,” Kennedy said of Epstein.



Social media users criticized Kennedy for his strange explanations and his extensive number of questionable friends. "Kudos to RFK Jr for name-dropping Epstein, Weinstein, OJ, Bill Cosby, and Roger Ailes in one sentence Where’s Ted Bundy?" a user slammed RFK Jr. on X.

Another user made fun of the presidential candidate on X, "Jason Voorhees came to my house. Emperor Palpatine hung out at my house. The Babadook was around a lot. I was pretty tight with that guy with the squid face from Pirates of the Caribbean. Anyway, I’m running for president." Another user mocked the candidate's choice of words, "Lol. This is the precise opposite of a 'workshopped answer.' You could hardly do worse if you tried."



Kennedy's presidential campaign has had difficulty getting off the ground and has seen some significant setbacks in recent weeks, per The New Republic. Kennedy used his late uncle John F. Kennedy's famous "Kennedy for President" jingle from his 1960 campaign in a Super Bowl commercial. The other members of Kennedy's family were furious that the anti-vaxxer had attempted to use the family name to gain political influence, and he was forced to apologize to them.

Furthermore, the Democratic National Committee charged a Kennedy-supporting super PAC with breaking campaign finance laws on Monday. On the plus side, RFK Jr. said that he had gathered enough signatures to be eligible to be on the ballots in Nevada and New Hampshire in November, even though he did not win any significant races on Super Tuesday.


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