Former Trump Aide & Ex-Convict Slams Trump, Says ‘Time To Pay the Piper’: ‘Stop Whining Donny’

Former Trump Aide & Ex-Convict Slams Trump, Says ‘Time To Pay the Piper’: ‘Stop Whining Donny’
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One of Donald Trump's former allies, who went to jail for what he alleges were crimes he committed on Trump's behalf, sent the former president a grim warning. Trump's ex-ally Lev Parnas, a former colleague of Rudy Giuliani, rushed to Twitter to criticize the president after he threatened a crucial witness in his hush money felony criminal prosecution, as per Raw Story


Many people have questioned if Trump will face consequences for breaking a gag order in the hush money case in which he is charged with fabricating financial records to cover up an alleged affair with adult film stars. Among those criticizing Trump for this verbal assault was Parnas, who had previously reportedly collaborated with Trump's inner circle to develop an anti-Joe Biden conspiracy theory at the behest of Trump and Russia. "Stop whining Donny, it’s time to pay the piper!!!" Parnas wrote on X. He added, "I was prosecuted, and [Cohen] was prosecuted for the crimes we committed on your behalf!!!"

Following Trump's constant attacks on the judge's daughter for her company's connections to powerful Democrats, the gag order was recently reinforced. This prompted Parnas to speculate how well Trump would fare in the criminal hush money trial. "Now you will finally be prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated for the crimes you committed against the United States Of America!!!"

Parnas added, grimly predicting doom for the former president. After a two-week jury trial on October 22, 2021, Parnas—who has been releasing receipts from his time in Trump's orbit—was found guilty of campaign finance and false statement violations. A few months later, he entered a guilty plea for conspiring to commit wire fraud.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alex Wong
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alex Wong

Parnas' rant comes after the former president recently attacked his former fixer and attorney, Michael Cohen. In a post on his Truth Social platform, the former president wrote, "Has disgraced attorney and felon Michael Cohen been prosecuted for LYING? Only TRUMP people get prosecuted by this Judge and these thugs!"

In March, Parnas, a businessman of Ukrainian descent, who assisted Giuliani in attempting to gather information about Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine before the 2020 presidential election, gave testimony before the House Oversight Committee, stating that he and Giuliani were instrumental in Trump's effort to associate the Bidens with corruption in the country in 2018 and 2019, as reported by Spectrum News.

“The American people have been lied to by Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and various cohorts of individuals in government and media positions,” Parnas testified. “The only information ever pushed on the Bidens in Ukraine has come from one source, one source only— Russia and Russian agents,” he continued. “The impeachment proceedings that bring us here now are predicated on false information spread by the Kremlin.”


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