Fans Spot ‘Sad’ Detail as Bianca Censori’s Outfit Looks ‘Inspired From’ Kim Kardashian’s Outfit

Fans Spot ‘Sad’ Detail as Bianca Censori’s Outfit Looks ‘Inspired From’ Kim Kardashian’s Outfit
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Bianca Censori and Kanye West are receiving backlash from fans who notice how closely Censori's most recent fashion choice resembles that of West's ex-wife Kim Kardashian's outfit.

After Bianca, 29, was spotted strolling hand in hand with her husband Kanye, 46, in Los Angeles, California, fans quickly noticed the pair's resemblance, per The Sun.



She was seen wearing a pair of bright neon green stockings, reminiscent of one of Kim's earlier ensembles, however, Censori wasn't wearing any underwear, and her right stocking was pushed down, revealing most of her lower back. A skimpy, nude bandeau bra barely concealed her torso. 

The SKIMS founder also rocked a similar ensemble while shopping in Paris back in 2022. She wore a very form-fitting green shirt with neon green accents to give it a pop, and she matched it with solid, bright neon slacks and boots, ELLE reported.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Marc Piasecki
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Marc Piasecki


After Reddit users obtained the pictures, Censori and West's detractors dissected her ensemble. Her imitation of Kardashian's ensemble drew criticism from fans, who even questioned her motivation. "My only question is: WHY does she dress like this? If Kanye is the one who 'revolutionized' Kim’s style, what is his influence doing to Bianca? There are ways to look sexy AND classy without this."

Several fans also remarked she didn't look well in the ensemble. "Yeah, they're clearly trolling at this point. Anything for attention I guess," a fan commented. "You know the outfit is bad when it looks unflattering on someone that hot," another added. Censori was also criticized by a fan for imitating Kardashian's understated slicked-back bun, which is her characteristic hairdo. "OK the sad tiny struggle bun is the first thing I’ve seen on her that may be Kim-inspired," a critic commented.


After Ye and Censori appeared in public wearing x-rated attire, many fans were left wondering why the rapper had such influence over her style choices. It was discovered earlier this week that his 'controlling' behavior could be a ploy to surpass his ex-wife in terms of media attention.

As per PR Guru Mark Borkowski's statement to DailyMail, the unusual wardrobe is a promotional ploy to surpass Kardashian. Borkowski said, "Kanye understands outrage and is trying to break the Internet," adding that he feels that "a lot of people are starting to feel rather uncomfortable, despite everything he's said, about that he feels he can do whatever he wants with his partner."



Borkowski said he feels some outfits "are built for craving publicity." Borkowski explained, "You can only assume this is a way of Kanye keeping his name at the forefront and on everybody's lips and also a statement to his ex-wife Kim who engaged in the same publicity, which he is taking to another level but she did with a lot more style and panache. It wasn't as direct as this."

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