Fans Criticize Kylie Jenner for Using Filters on Stormi, Express Concern for Her 'Self-Esteem'

Fans Criticize Kylie Jenner for Using Filters on Stormi, Express Concern for Her 'Self-Esteem'
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For her most recent TikTok video, Kylie Jenner filmed a precious moment with her baby Stormi Webster, but one aspect of the endearing video has internet users unhappy. The well-liked mother-daughter team, Jenner and Webster, frequently go viral on social media, particularly when collaborating on TikToks, grinned at each other in the video while donning complementing outfits.

The mother of two used a prominent filter on the social networking site, which is why Jenner and Webster's features were enhanced in the video. Fans criticized Jenner for using a filter on her child's TikTok in a Reddit subreddit about the Kardashians, The Sun reported.



"Bro, what the hell is this? Stormi is as cute as always tho," a Reddit user slammed Jenner in the forum. Another pointed out, slamming her for the filter, "So her daughter now has a filter on her that makes her look like she's wearing makeup, or she is wearing makeup, and Kylie is preening, and now her daughter seems to be mimicking..."

Kylie wore an orange halter, while Stormi was decked out in a scarlet, ruched tube top with transparent spaghetti straps. The two exuded an orange glow that gave their cheeks a particularly flushed appearance. They also appeared to have black eyeliner on their eyes, and mascara on their lashes to give the impression that they were longer, while patches of freckles centered on their faces.


Another Reddit user expressed anger over the TikTok, saying, "Don’t put a filter on your child that ages her up ffs. She’s a little girl and Kylie’s got her acting like an adult and looking bizarrely older than her age..."

Fans seemed to be offended by more than just the TikTok's filter. Kylie was allegedly posing inappropriately along with her child, according to several reviewers in the Reddit discussion. "Is it me or is [Kylie] making sexy faces while next to her child? It's creeping me out," one quipped. "The way she leaned into Stormi was weird idk maybe just me," a second person complained.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer


"I hate how they use filters on their kids making them look like they're wearing makeup and older," a third added. "Kylie is also creepy and annoying checking herself out and trying to be sexy next to her daughter."

Online critics frequently criticize Jenner for letting the young girl behave too adult-like. At the designer's debut gala in May 2023, Kylie and Stormi looked amazing in identical Jean Paul Gaultier gowns, The Sun reported. Stormi donned a dress with a design that matched her mother's, tights, and white sneakers. While some admirers praised Stormi's outfit, others thought it was too young for her to be wearing it. "She's a bit young for that dress, isn't she? It doesn't sit right with me," a critic slammed her at the time. On a fan account on Instagram, someone else added, "Bit inappropriate."


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