Biden's 2024 Campaign Mocks Donald Trump in Truth Social Ad: 'He's a Little Confused These Days'

Biden's 2024 Campaign Mocks Donald Trump in Truth Social Ad: 'He's a Little Confused These Days'
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In a bold move, Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign has unleashed a scathing attack ad against Donald Trump, but what sets it apart is the platform of choice: Truth Social, Trump’s very own social media creation. This strategic strike comes on the heels of intensified verbal sparring between the current President and his potential GOP rival. The Biden-Harris HQ account dropped the bomb on Truth Social, turning Trump’s weapon against him, with the campaign launching an attack ad zeroing in on Trump's recent campaign blunders. Furthermore, the ad not only showcased these mistakes but also cast doubt on Trump's cognitive abilities, questioning his readiness for the upcoming general election.



In a compilation of clips, Trump can be seen confusing his GOP primary challenger, Nikki Haley, with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Nikki Haley is in charge of security,” he says in the video before adding, "We offered her 10,000 people. They don’t want to talk about that," as per Radar Online. Another snippet showcases Trump's questionable assertion, “We won 50 states, right?” The ad also highlights his statements like “We are an institute in a powerful death penalty,” leaving viewers bewildered.



In a related development, another recent 60-second ad from Biden’s campaign cleverly turns Trump’s excuses for his verbal stumbles against him. The video showcases Trump's claims of purposeful stumbling or complex sentence structures, concluding with Biden questioning, “Have you noticed he’s a little confused these days?” The attack ad doesn’t rely solely on Trump’s words; it incorporates commentary from key figures like Haley, journalist Jonathan Karl, and Governor Chris Sununu, all criticizing Trump's recent lapses on the campaign trail.



In the video, Haley can be seen emphasizing, “He didn’t just get me confused. He mentioned it over and over and over again.” Karl bluntly states, “Donald Trump is truly confused,” and Governor Sununu adds, “If he is off the teleprompter, he can barely keep a cogent thought. I mean, that’s just facts.” The ad culminates with a clip of Biden himself mocking Trump over these gaffes.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Justin Sullivan
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Justin Sullivan


Trump's attempt to justify his stumbling and mumbling by stating, “I do speak in long, complex sentences. I do have a lot of material in each sentence,” is met with a pointed inclusion in the ad. The finale features Trump questioning voter ID requirements to buy bread, a curious tangent in the context of the campaign.



As reported earlier, this Truth Social attack ad follows closely on the heels of remarks from a Trump insider, suggesting that Biden's recent attacks have 'rattled' the ex-president, as per Yahoo. The insider acknowledged that these jabs have succeeded in getting under Trump's skin, disrupting his messaging and calling it the 'smartest thing' Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign has done so far.  The ad underscores Biden’s campaign strategy to counter claims of his fitness for office, presenting a united front against conservative skepticism.

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