Trump’s Truth Social Remarks Met With Retaliation From Journalist Who Labels Him a ‘Sociopath'

Trump’s Truth Social Remarks Met With Retaliation From Journalist Who Labels Him a ‘Sociopath'
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In the aftermath of MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough's scathing rebuke of Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric, and the subsequent Twitter tirade from the former president, The Atlantic magazine writer Peter Wehner has taken the opportunity to hit back. The feud escalated when Trump targeted the outlet labeling it a "THIRD RATE MAGAZINE" and accusing it of failing at an unprecedented level. The trigger for Trump's outburst was reportedly Wehner's article titled, "Have You Listened Lately to What Trump Is Saying?" which delved into the former president's open admissions of his affinity for authoritarianism.


Wehner's response seems to resonate with the concerns raised by Scarborough and his co-host Mika Brzezinski about the Trump administration's tactics, as per Raw Story. In a revelation, the Morning Joe hosts claimed that White House officials had threatened them with negative news coverage unless they tempered their criticism of Trump. Brzezinski recounted how calls were made to her children and close friends, attempting to pin a damaging story on her ex-husband. Scarborough revealed that high-ranking administration figures pressured him to call the president, a request he declined.


The clash between Trump and the media extends beyond Twitter spats to the tabloid realm, with Trump's alleged influence over the National Enquirer coming into play. Brzezinski and Scarborough disclosed that the tabloid ran a false story about Scarborough buying beer at a convenience store, a narrative the hosts vehemently refuted, as per CNBC. Additionally, the National Enquirer published a story insinuating an extramarital affair between the hosts, a claim the duo did not acknowledge on Friday.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by David Dee Delgado
 Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by David Dee Delgado

The intensity of Trump's attacks on Morning Joe has led Wehner to theorize that the former president may be a "sociopath." This assessment follows Scarborough's condemnation of Trump's threats to execute military officials for treason and his disturbing remarks about an assailant attacking Representative Nancy Pelosi's husband. The escalating tension has prompted Scarborough and Brzezinski to express their concerns about Trump's stability and the potential impact of his social media outbursts on both domestic and international fronts.



Trump's posts on Truth Social have not only drawn criticism from the media personalities he targeted but also from a bipartisan spectrum. Republicans and Democrats alike condemned the president's personal attacks, prompting Scarborough and Brzezinski to publish an op-ed in The Washington Post titled, "Donald Trump is not well." In the op-ed, they express their worries not just for their personal well-being but for the nation as a whole.



Despite the political and personal implications of this feud, Scarborough, a lifelong Republican, underscores the frustration over Trump's actions diverting attention from critical issues such as healthcare, tax reform, and infrastructure. The ongoing clash between Trump and the media serves as a microcosm of the broader political landscape, contributing to the deepening partisan divide. As this media feud unfolds, it underscores the broader challenges facing American politics, where personal attacks and Twitter wars often take precedence over substantive policy discussions. 

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