'1000-lb. Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton Reveals Her Much Slimmer Face in a New Video, Down to 334 Lbs

'1000-lb. Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton Reveals Her Much Slimmer Face in a New Video, Down to 334 Lbs
Cover Image Source: (L &R) Instagram | @queentammy86

1000-Lb Sisters admirers can't deny the fact that Tammy Slaton's face has slimmed down recently. The star of the TLC program had struggled to lose weight owing to years of poor choices. Tammy Slaton uploaded a new lipsyncing video to TikTok and her weight loss was clearly seen in the video. The TLC star was decked up in a frightening black zip-up hoodie with white ghosts. Her spectacles were on her nose and her red hair was flung back in a messy ponytail.

Image Source: TikTok | tammyslaton2020
Image Source: TikTok | tammyslaton2020


The 1000-LB Sister star pointed at the camera and sang along with the music in the footage. Towards the conclusion of the clip, Tammy began to grin at the camera, giving off an impression of extreme joy. The lyrics were, "Sorry it had to turn out this way. Your girlfriend wants to be my girlfriend. She be callin' me tellin' me about you." Since her weight has reduced by almost 400 pounds, her face and neck seem significantly smaller than in her earlier footage. Tammy has also been open about the fact that she is pansexual in the past. 

Tammy was introduced to 1000-Lb Sisters viewers in the first season when she was at her heaviest. The native of Kentucky had trouble leaving the house, walking, and engaging in even the most fundamental acts of self-care. According to Screen Rant, due to her constant need for sugar, she often became tired and had an exceedingly irritable disposition. Fans even pointed out that Tammy's face lacked distinction. After almost dying in the year 2021, Tammy checked herself into an Ohio rehabilitation center. Tammy's calorie intake was reduced thanks in part to the absence of junk food in her diet, which was imposed by the hospital. Those who followed Tammy's TikTok updates over the course of a few months may have noted that she had lost a significant amount of weight.

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters noticed a change in Tammy's appearance as she lost weight, noticing that her eyes seemed bigger and her facial features were more defined. Tammy appeared more vivacious and happy than before. 

Image Source: TikTok | tammyslaton2020
Image Source: TikTok | tammyslaton2020


She also uploaded an incredibly NSFW video earlier this week in which she duetted the same TikToker. Tammy danced to the beat, her black rings glinting against her sunflower-printed black top. In addition to her spectacles, she seemed to be wearing a beauty filter. The reality star played seductive music while rubbing her fingers down her chest. She bit her lip seductively and gazed intently into the camera. A song with a sexual undertone, "I can be your toy," played in the background of the brief footage.

According to an exclusive report in the US Sun, Tammy lost almost 400 pounds throughout her diet and exercise program. The following statement was made exclusively to the news outlet by a source close to the reality star, " Tammy thought she weighed 370 pounds. Tammy went to a rehab center last Thursday and got weighed. She actually lost more than she had thought. She's down to 334 and doing awesome."

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According to the source, Tammy has been on the straight and narrow since leaving treatment earlier this year, and that's particularly encouraging in light of the tragic loss of her estranged husband, Caleb Willingham, 40. The same source confirmed Caleb's loved ones had already begun making preparations for his death due to his deteriorating condition.





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