When Stephen Colbert Deviated From the Original Script and Asked Jennifer Aniston?About Her Attire

When Stephen Colbert Deviated From the Original Script and Asked Jennifer Aniston?About Her Attire
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Stephen Colbert made a mark with his respectful gesture during a 2019 interview with the Friends famed star Jennifer Aniston. During the cheerful and easygoing interview on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Aniston reminisced about moments from her past that captured her attention. 

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | 	Matt Winkelmeyer
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer


Aniston candidly disclosed that prior to her entry into acting she had worked as a waitress, acknowledging her lack of expertise in that field. Colbert, showing camaraderie, shared a similar background, having worked as a waiter before his Hollywood days. As the interview unfolded, Aniston reminisced about a pivotal moment just before the Friends cast skyrocketed to fame. She recalled a trip to Vegas with the cast where they could enjoy the anonymity of walking into a casino— a luxury they would soon lose as their fame soared to unprecedented heights.

Image Source: Getty Images | Vittorio Zunino Celotto
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto


However, the highlight of the interview came when Colbert, with utmost courtesy, sought permission to discuss Aniston's multi-purpose dress. With a playful exchange, Colbert asked, "Before we go, can I talk about this dress? Can I point something out?" Aniston, gracious and accommodating, responded with a cheerful, "You can do whatever you want." Colbert, visibly impressed by the dress's versatility, described it as "fantastic" and noted a unique feature rarely seen in any dress, per The Things.


In a playful moment, he dubbed Aniston a superhero, and the audience erupted in applause. Aniston played along as she helped him take off the cape from her dress and aided the fascinated Colbert in adorning it during the fun segment of the show.

She also disclosed that she dedicated two and a half years to waitressing before securing her initial acting opportunity. She candidly admitted, "I was a terrible waitress. I was a hostess, then they finally allowed me to be a waitress." 

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The 54-year-old actor is undergoing a tough time in the wake of her very close friend, Perry's death. Apparently, for Aniston, it's a double whammy as the actress lost her father, John Aniston, less than a year back in November 2022. And she was equally close to her co-actor whom she considered her brother [Perry], who passed away on October 28, 2023. The Fools Rush In actor was found unresponsive inside his hot tub by his assistant and was later declared dead from an apparent drowning. The surviving cast members of Friends mourned his loss during his funeral, accompanying his family, who were equally devastated. 

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However, sources revealed Aniston was noticeably grief-stricken, which worried her people. "Out of the remaining five, Jen and Courteney [Cox] are reeling the most, and Jen is probably the one who is struggling most acutely," reported Page Six. The insider also highlighted the gravity of her pain due to the personal loss of her dad, which she suffered last year. 

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