When Jennifer Garner Got Reprimanded by Ellen DeGeneres for Being a Bad Parent to Her Kids

When Jennifer Garner Got Reprimanded by Ellen DeGeneres for Being a Bad Parent to Her Kids
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In a candid moment on The Ellen Show in 2012, Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner opened up about the joys and challenges of motherhood, particularly with the recent addition of her third child, Samuel, to the family. Joined by host Ellen DeGeneres, the conversation took an amusing turn as Garner shared her experiences with a seven-month-old baby in the mix.

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With daughters Violet and Seraphina already part of the dynamic, Samuel's arrival brought about a shift that left Garner navigating the unfamiliar territory of parenting three children. During the interview, Ellen, couldn't resist herself from poking a joke on their ever-growing family from four members to five after the arrival of the couple's third child. When she asked Garner about the experience of having a seven-month-old, the actress playfully confessed to occasional lapses in remembering Samuel's whereabouts.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Frazer Harrison
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Frazer Harrison


"I swear I put a baby down somewhere," Garner humorously remarked, describing the moments of searching the house before finding the happy and content Samuel. Ellen, ever quick-witted, quipped, "Well, you're not coming off as a good parent."

The remark, delivered in good humor, led to laughter from both Garner and the audience. However, the conversation swiftly shifted to more serious parenting topics as Ellen inquired about Samuel's temperament. While some may interpret Ellen's comment as a playful jab, the overwhelming sentiment from fans was one of appreciation for Garner's authenticity and relatability.



Audiences applauded Jennifer Garner for her candid acknowledgment of the trials of parenting, from the common struggle of recalling children's ages to the occasional mix-up of their names—a shared experience among many parents. In the realm of Hollywood, where the allure of glitz and glamour usually takes center stage, Garner's unfiltered and humorous insights into the genuine challenges of motherhood offered a breath of fresh air.

Following their split, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck attempted to mend their relationship. One source close to the ex-power couple claims that the blended families of Garner and her boyfriend John Miller and Affleck and his current wife Jennifer Lopez get along well. As reported by US Weekly, an insider claimed that the couples' "mature" personalities and dedication to staying focused on a single goal are why everything runs well.

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The insider told the outlet, "Ben is super down-to-earth, and so is John. They have a mutual respect and are always very friendly with one another." John Miller and Garner have been dating for a long time, but they have always kept their relationship under wraps. However, they have been more vocal about their relationship in recent months, which has coincided with rumors that Lopez and Affleck are having relationship problems.

The source further claimed, "Jen and John are in a great place. They used to go out of their way to keep a low profile, but they’ve both become very secure with their relationship and how it’s all worked out."

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