When Eric Trump Expressed Concern Over Declining 'Manners' and Reflected on Father's 'Sacrifice'

When Eric Trump Expressed Concern Over Declining 'Manners' and Reflected on Father's 'Sacrifice'
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Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, once spoke out about what he sees as a decline in 'manners' and 'family values' in American society. Addressing a conservative audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Eric lamented the increasing hostility directed at his family, particularly his father.



At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Eric was addressing a small group of conservative college students. Among the largest conservative assemblies in the country, it serves as a breeding ground for Republican activists.

Regarding his father and his family, Eric remarked, "There are probably no people in the world who get attacked more than us. The societal values have to be addressed. You are losing family values. You are losing manners."



Eric highlighted social media while speaking on stage with political organizer Charlie Kirk. In an Instagram post, Eric showcased his five-month-old kid, claiming that the child had "perfect Trump hair" that stood straight up. "And I get this comment. I'm not going to repeat it. It was so disgusting! If I had acted that way as a kid ... my parents would have literally killed me!." stated Eric. "We have to bring this society around. There are consequences for behavior. There are family values. There are manners."



Additionally, Eric expressed his belief that his public persona and those of his five siblings have increased awareness of the significance of "family values." Eric used the same word as his sister Ivanka, who claimed to be astonished at the "vicious" responses to her father's contentious and frequently inappropriate public words and behavior, as per CNN. "My father made a tremendous sacrifice running," he stated. "The way he gets attacked, the way we get attacked, the way our kids get attacked ... The viciousness out there."

In addition, Eric talked about his experiences of traveling throughout the country with his elder brother, Donald Trump Jr., during the campaign to promote their father. The boys, who had grown up in wealthy Manhattan, were taken aback by the unemployment rate in small towns and the closing of factories, but they also began to think that their father was going to win. "In the heartland of America, for every single Hillary sign there was a hundred Trump signs," he stated. "That was my barometer. I'll get in trouble for saying this, but I actually saw more 'Hillary for prison' signs than 'Hillary for President.'"

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Desiree Navarro
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Desiree Navarro


"I would come back to New York, and it was like a different planet," he stated. "I remember going on one of the morning shows two weeks before the election. I said, 'I think we're gonna win this,' and he said, 'Do you think you're living in a bubble?'" He also took issue with the cold way that Democrats reacted to former President Trump's State of the Union address the month before that day's gathering, during which they did not stand or applaud when the former President listed his accomplishments, as per News Week.

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