Trump's 'World-Class' Ocean Resort in Mexico is Actually a 'Huge, Muddy Hole,' As Per Reviews

Trump's 'World-Class' Ocean Resort in Mexico is Actually a 'Huge, Muddy Hole,' As Per Reviews
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Situated southwest of 'TJ,' as residents of both countries commonly refer to Tijuana, and just over the border with the United States, is the supposedly opulent Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico, which former President Donald Trump is associated with. Upon visiting the renowned beachside location that Ivanka Trump had previously referred to as a 'world-class resort befitting of the Trump brand,' Alexander Nazaryan of The New Republic discovered that it was, in fact, a 'huge, muddy hole.'


As per Raw Story, Nazaryan stated that the condo resort couldn't even be described as 'one of the more luxurious hideaways in the vicinity of the Punta Bandera wastewater treatment plant.' The freelance journalist added that the resort's location offered 'glorious views of the Pacific,' but there were 'no bungalows or hotel rooms or even beach chairs from which those views could be enjoyed.' Instead, he said, "There was a chain-link fence, an empty guard booth, and nothing else." 


"Trump Baja is a classic Trumpian swindle: grandiose promises that shatter like cheap glass against the hard, unyielding edges of reality," the reporter contended. "For a man who became famous for his forays into the brick-and-mortar business of real estate, Trump has thrived and survived by jumping from one lily pad of fantasy to another, saved at critical moments during his career by bankruptcies and loans, not to mention ordinary Americans willing to hand him their money and their trust."


Barbara Res, a former senior official in the Trump Organization, also provided a harsh critique of her former employer. "When I worked with Trump, he was a P.T. Barnum,” she explained. “Trump is a fraud. He is a cheat. He is a thief. He is a criminal." In addition, Res said, “It’s all bullsh-t." But things seem to have changed, she added. “He exaggerated to a fault, but back when I knew him, he was not really scamming,” she wrote in an email, “Now, yes.” 

Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Drew Angerer
Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Drew Angerer

“Trump’s career has been to go from business fraud to election fraud,” added Norman L. Eisen, a staunch Trump critic. “I drive by the property at least once a month,” Sandra Sapol, one of the property investors in the resort, said. “It absolutely hurts, every single time I drive by that hole in the dirt, that hole I paid for, it really hurts. I just can’t tell you how much.”


As per Border Report, Sapol invested $130,000 in the Trump Ocean Resort, and she hasn't received any of it back since the project was in limbo for almost 13 years. “My husband at the time thought investing money in Trump or a Trump property would be a good investment for our money. We were enticed to put down our money and buy one of the condos, and we were very excited at the time.” Discussing one of the 'investors' she met, Sapol recalled, “One of which I met Ivanka Trump, she was supposed to be my neighbor... I was supposed to share some sugar with her—we had a conversation about that.”


“All of a sudden, the offices were closed, all of a sudden fences went up and all of a sudden we weren’t getting phone calls back from the Trump Baja property and we started to freak out,” Sapol said. According to The Los Angeles Times, Sapol is among 250 investors who lost $32.5 million in total, most of whom were from Southern California.

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