Trump Had a 'Cryptic Response' as Dr. Phil Asked Him About How is Melania Trump 'Holding Up'

Trump Had a 'Cryptic Response' as Dr. Phil Asked Him About How is Melania Trump 'Holding Up'
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In recent news, former President Donald Trump has been convicted of all 34 charges in his hush money trial linked to an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. He has denied the affair and pleaded not guilty to all charges. Not only this, he has also criticized the verdict as disgraceful.

While public attention was focused on these events, there was also curiosity about how his wife, Melania Trump, was coping with the verdict. Donald also opened up about his guilty verdict's impact on Melania in an interview with Phil McGraw, according to HuffPost.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Joe Raedle
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Joe Raedle


McGraw inquired about the well-being of the former first lady amidst the ongoing turmoil. To this, Donald said, “I think good, but I don’t think it’s an easy thing for her. And I think if it wasn’t good, she wouldn’t want to tell me about it, to be honest with you. Because, you know, she sees that I’m fighting like hell.”

Donald further said, “I’m trying to become president and make America great again. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to make America great again. They’ve put tremendous obstacles in our way, including the 20 million people that will be in here by the time this guy gets out."



He continued, "It’s an election we have to win. We’re not going to have a country left if we don’t win this election.” Earlier in the interview, he praised the former first lady, describing her as a wonderful wife. He also said that it's “not easy for her to read this kind of stuff that’s fake, that’s fake stuff.”

He added, “But that’s the way it is. It certainly is not a good thing. And it, yeah, it affects me more than it would if it were just about me. I wish it could be just about me.” McGraw also asked Donald if he felt the constant negative attention could be too hard on his family. Donald responded by saying that his family wants him to run because the country is facing difficulties.



Earlier in an interview with Fox & Friends on June 2, Trump mentioned that the hush-money trial had been very tough on the former first lady, as reported by Newsweek. He said, "It's tougher. I think it's probably in many ways—it's tougher on my family than it is on me."

Donald continued, "She's fine, but I think it's very hard for her. I mean, she's fine. But it's, you know, she has to read all this c***." Meanwhile, on Thursday, Melania was seen leaving Trump Tower in New York for the first time since her husband was found guilty.



On the other hand, Donald has given at least five interviews since his guilty verdict, and in all of them, he has mentioned the possibility of seeking revenge. Ty Cobb said, “I think there should be concern. From a 30,000-foot view, what I see is Trump angrier now than he was before because he is convicted now.”

As reported by NBC News, Brian Hughes said, "President Trump has made clear that success will be the best revenge. When others have weaponized government and legal institutions against him for political interference, he will return these institutions to their constitutional purpose of protecting Americans’ liberty and creating a safe and prosperous nation again."

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