'The View' Hosts Reflect on the Fueling Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theories Amid Cancer Announcement

'The View' Hosts Reflect on the Fueling Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theories Amid Cancer Announcement
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The hosts of The View have shared deep remorse for contributing to conspiracy theories surrounding Kate Middleton’s whereabouts following the royal’s recent announcement about her battle with cancer. On a recent episode of the daytime talk show, the hosts addressed Middleton’s diagnosis and reflected on their role in fueling the drama. Alyssa Farrah Griffin, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg all shared their opinion on the matter, expressing regret for their previous discussions that contributed to misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Griffin confessed, “I feel awful, Whoopi was right and I’m guilty of getting into the fun of ‘Where’s Kate?’ and thinking it's funny and sharing the memes and playing into that, and I forgot something fundamental that we all know: every person, whether they're a princess, somebody in a high-privileged position, or just the person next to you, is dealing with personal struggles that we don't know about. I send my love to her and strength to her."


Griffin, acknowledging her own participation in discussing  "Where's Kate?" memes and speculation, admitted, "Sure, the Palace totally mishandled the PR of this, but the public mishandled it.... I didn't think [that] there's something more serious here that she's dealing with. I feel awful over it." as reported by Page Six.

Haines, while finding Middleton's diagnosis heart-wrenching, admitted, "You just never know what someone is going through. I've always questioned the way the Royal Family handles women, whether it was Princess Diana or Fergie or Meghan Markle. I was not blaming Kate for what was going on, it really bothered me the way it was handled — whether it was my business or not could be debated. But I do hope now for a speedy recovery."


Navarro saw the experience as a learning moment, emphasizing Goldberg's advice to mind one's own business. Navarro said, “The lesson I learned was when Whoopi Goldberg tells me to mind my own damn business, I’ll mind my own damn business from now on. I barely ever know what’s going on in pop culture, so it was very strange for me to fall down this rabbit hole but it was everywhere.”

Navarro further continued, “I think to myself that the reason it happened, as well, is because she’s well-loved, well respected and valued and treasured in England. But I think we all like her because she has been like a bright spot in what has been a very dysfunctional royal family for decades and decades and she just looks like such a great wife and a great mom. And I feel like we all know her.”



Hostin also hopped in the conversation and exclaimed, "I'm deeply remorseful that I allowed Sara Haines to drag me down the rabbit hole. I'm deeply remorseful that Alyssa also led me down the rabbit hole. I generally don't care that much about the royals. I was very invested in how Meghan Markle says she was treated and that it almost drove her to death by suicide. The photos, I went down this crazy rabbit hole, thank you to my cohosts, and to myself, I have to take blame for that, because I also didn't listen to Whoopi Goldberg, who told me to stop, and I didn't. Here I am." as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Victoria Jones
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Victoria Jones


These responses of 'The View' hosts come in the wake of Middleton's public announcement about her cancer diagnosis, putting an end to widespread speculation and discussions about her health and whereabouts.

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