Stephen Colbert Hilariously Identifies the Precise Moment Donald?Trump’s Brain Shut?Down Totally

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Identifies the Precise Moment Donald?Trump’s Brain Shut?Down Totally
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Stephen Colbert observed a peculiar incident in which the ex-POTUS Donald Trump appeared to struggle with several aspects. Shedding light on it with his analogy, the comedian stated in a recent episode, "Trump’s brain didn’t seem to be working too good." Adding further to confirm his suspicions Colbert went on to mimic Trump as he repeated, "Adlithin? Adlithin?"

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Arturo Holmes
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Arturo Holmes

"It’s a perfectly good word. Nothing to worry about there. We all know that word from the iconic action movie, ‘Adlithin Verbus Predaderp,’" the comedian continued as reported by HuffPost. Previously, the American show host made several statements pointing to the repeated flaws in the businessman-turned-politician's speech. In a speech where Trump struggled to pronounce the word "refrigerator" correctly, Colbert passed on a comment saying, "Not entirely sure what's going on there. But he can't even say the word Russia without climaxing."

Cover Image Source: Getty Images |  Alex Wong
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alex Wong

The statement delivery by the host led to a side-splitting reaction from the audience. Colbert's humorous portrayal of Trump's meandering speech steals the spotlight in the monologue. Colbert quipped, "Is he giving his speech or reading a book to toddlers?" He then added, "'Oh, yes. Oh, yes,' said President Trump with golden hair and a mushy rump. All the words that I can manage because of all of my brain damage." Colbert's analogy likening Trump's speech to reading a book to toddlers cleverly and humorously underscores the former president's perceived cognitive decline.


Viewers also shared their opinions on the host's comic delivery. According to That's Viral Now, one viewer noted, "Laughing out loud (instead of just being depressed that MAGA exists). Thank you!" Another praised, "The writers hit gold with this episode. There are so many lolz and our political views don't match. Funny is funny. Bravo." The esteemed host of The Late Show recently brought attention to an amusing typo in Trump's latest online communication. Recognized for his outspoken and occasionally error-prone social media activity, Trump made what seemed to be a typographical mistake on his Truth Social platform. Trump's recent post aimed to clarify his stance on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), expressing a desire to improve it rather than entirely abolish it.


"MAKE THE ACA MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER FOR FAR LESS MONEY (OR COST) TO OUR GREST AMERICAN CITIZENS," wrote Trump as he emphasized. "Yes, our ‘GREST,‘" taking a dig at it Trump Colbert said. "Which, according to Urban Dictionary, means ‘an interesting way to say great breasts," he added leading to another string of laughter. Colbert remarked, "I'm guessing that one's not a typo." Furthermore, the ex-Prez once posted a typo-laced paragraph that also became the laughingstock of the town after Colbert's joke. "It’s true, no, folks, listen up. He disinformates and misinformates and spreads untruthfulnessitudes. Joe Buden clearly has diminished cognugitude," the host said as he comically pointed at the error made by Trump in spelling Biden and other words. 

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