Sister Wives: Christine Brown Flaunts Weight Loss and Throws Shade at Ex-Husband Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Flaunts Weight Loss and Throws Shade at Ex-Husband Kody Brown
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Sister Wives Christine Brown, 51, is proudly flaunting her recent weight loss, and in a bold move, she took a swipe at her ex-husband, Kody Brown. The reality TV star, who ended her 25-year marriage with Kody in November 2021, revealed her toned figure in a beige sweater gifted by her sister. In an Instagram post, Christine posed in her kitchen, beaming with confidence, as she showcased the fairy-themed shirt with a sassy message: "Away from me with all thy bullsh**tery." With a touch of humor, she shared, "My sister gave me this for Christmas!! All I can say is, YES!!" as per The U.S. Sun reports.

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The sassy sweater isn't the only thing Christine has been showing off lately. Fans flooded her comments, showering compliments on how happy and healthy she looks. The positive reception highlights the newfound joy in Christine's life following her decision to part ways with Kody. Last month, Christine opened up about the challenging journey of ending her marriage on the Juicy Scoop podcast, as reported by Page Six. Her spiritual marriage to Kody, a polygamist with three other wives, unraveled on screen, culminating in a significant moment that solidified her decision to leave.



"The final thing for me was Ysabel's surgery. That was, like, done. That was like absolute, that was it," Christine revealed on the podcast, referring to her 20-year-old daughter's scoliosis surgery. The breaking point came when Kody refused to accompany Ysabel for the procedure, prioritizing his time with the rest of his family over her recovery. Reflecting on her daughter's hurtful realization, Christine stated, "So he can't be with us because he has to stay with his family? What does that mean? What am I?" This painful incident became the turning point that led Christine to definitively end the marriage, emphasizing the lack of respect for her and her children as Kody prioritized someone else as his family.



Christine's split from Kody marked a significant shift in her life, leading to her finding love again with David Woolley, 59. The couple tied the knot in October after a brief courtship. TLC cameras documented their fairytale wedding in Utah, scheduled to air next month. Christine's journey of self-discovery and happiness extends beyond her relationship, as evident in her recent Instagram posts. Woolley shared a sweet one-month anniversary tribute featuring snapshots of the couple during their honeymoon and various outings. Fans praised the couple, noting how good they looked together and expressing joy for Christine's newfound happiness.

Cover Image Source: Instagram | @christine_brownsw
Image Source: Instagram | @christine_brownsw


The reality TV star continues to radiate confidence and contentment, showcasing her slim figure in a variety of outfits, from a tight white dress to a leopard-print bikini on a Caribbean cruise. Fans are eager to witness Christine's next chapter unfold on the upcoming Sister Wives Season 18 tell-all. In recent snapshots posted by Woolley, Christine's fit physique is on full display, both in a glamorous evening gown and a casual miniskirt ensemble at her Utah home. 

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