When Mykelti Padron of ‘Sister Wives’?Called Out Step-Mom Robyn Brown and Accused Her of Lying on TV

When Mykelti Padron of ‘Sister Wives’?Called Out Step-Mom Robyn Brown and Accused Her of Lying on TV
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In an unexpected turn of events, Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown Padron has seemingly shifted her stance on Robyn Brown, calling out what she perceives as lies from her father's fourth wife. Previously on the reality television show, the reality stars Mykelti, who is Christine Brown's daughter, has consistently shown allegiance to Robyn, even residing with her during the early stages of her father's romance with his fourth wife.

However, a recent Patreon livestream featuring Mykelti and her husband, Tony Padron, unveiled a surprising change in Mykelti's perspective on Robyn per All About The Tea.

Cover Image Source: Instagram | Mykelti Padron
Image Source: Instagram | Mykelti Padron


Their Patreon account that is dedicated to discussions ranging "From Sister Wives to Parenthood and Everything in Between," has become a significant mode of direct communication with fans. In a recent livestream, Mykelti and Tony touched the important aspects of family dynamics in their family.

Contrary to her past allegiance, Mykelti revealed a shift in her stance towards Robyn, particularly concerning the ongoing documentation of the polygamous clan's struggles on Sister Wives.

Cover Image Source: (L) Instagram| @robyn_browns_nest (R) Twitter| @luvgvsuwngs
Image Source: (L) Instagram| @robyn_browns_nest (R) Twitter| @luvgvsuwngs


In recent episodes, Mykelti, Tony, and their daughter, Avalon, made an effort to visit dad Kody and Robyn. However, when Robyn shared with the cameras that Kody's relationships with his older children were in good standing before the challenges brought by Covid and Christine's departure, Mykelti contradicted her. Mykelti asserted, "That's not true! Their relationship started being rough way before COVID and way before mom left. Way before."



This revelation signals a departure from Mykelti's previous public support for her father and his relationships. Despite her apparent allegiance to Kody, Mykelti disclosed that she does not always agree with her father and has no qualms about expressing her disagreement when she believes he is wrong. Christine described Robyn as "another mom" to her 27-year-old daughter Mykelti. The star of Sister Wives, Christine, and her ex-husband had six kids together: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely.

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As reported by The Sun, she said in the confessional, "When Robyn and Kody were courting, Mykelti wasn't treated very nicely by her older siblings. They didn't know what to do with her. And Robyn saw it and said 'She's super cool she's amazing.' And she really took Mykelti in and just loved her. She's definitely been like another mom to Mykelti." Mykelti's kid was born in 2021, and the program revealed that Robyn was also on a video call at the time.

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Janelle and Christine finally get to meet one another in Sister Wives Episode 7 Throwing in the Towel. It depicts the women enjoying lunch and talking about their strained relationships with Kody and their respective kids. In the episode, Kody appeared tired of his elder children and his ex-wives. He said in a confessional, "All of you are just kind of jerks. I don't want to be around you and I'm tired of it. And I don't want to call them. I don't want to talk to them." 

Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 15, 2023. It has since been updated.

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