Kim Kardashian Seemingly Copies Kanye's Wife Bianca Censori in Oversized Black Leather Jacket

Kim Kardashian Seemingly Copies Kanye's Wife Bianca Censori in Oversized Black Leather Jacket
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Bellocqimages(L), MEGA(R)

Kim Kardashian recently made headlines as she stepped out in an outfit that drew comparisons to Bianca Censori, the wife of her ex-husband Kanye West. The SKIMS founder was seen in Los Angeles flaunting an oversized black Balenciaga ensemble, reminiscent of a similar outfit worn by Censori previously. Kardashian’s outfit featured an oversized jacket with huge sleeves that covered her hands, paired with all-in-one trousers that included boots at the bottom.

She sported the look with sunglasses and pinned her hair up with a claw clip, creating a stylish yet unconventional look. The striking similarity to Censori’s previous outfit choices ignited discussions among fans and fashion enthusiasts.


As per Mirror, this isn’t the first time Kardashian has been compared to Censori. Both women have an eye for high fashion and often flaunt bold and unique styles. While West had a prominent influence on Kardashian’s wardrobe during their relationship, leading to iconic moments like him revamping her closet on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kardashian has since developed her unique style, earning praise for her fashion sense on several occasions.

On the other hand, Censori has faced scrutiny over her fashion choices, with some contemplating that West had control over her wardrobe. Reports indicated that West controlled Censor’s outfits and workout routines, raising concerns among her family in Australia. However, it was later revealed that Censori’s style was a product of her creativity and collaboration with West as a "performance artist."


An insider previously revealed, “Everyone is extremely concerned. This isn’t who she is,” they said. “She is an incredibly outspoken and lively person who is never one to keep her mouth shut. Kanye is trying to make Bianca into a radicalized version of Kim — almost like Kim 2.0. The difference is that when Kim was with Kanye he was respected in the fashion world. He has since lost this respect.”

The insider further spilled the beans and revealed, “Kanye did the same thing he is doing with Bianca to Kim throughout their marriage. The difference is that when Kanye dressed Kim, he was respected as a person — as an artist. Unfortunately, Kim knows what Bianca is going through — but she feels Bianca should have known what she was getting into.”

 Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin

West has never failed to support her wife and her fashion choices. While Censori was facing backlash for her bold choices, West defended her on social media and exclaimed, “Ima post my wife as much as I want bro It makes me happy Some people don’t want you to be happy They want you to make them happy I decided to make myself happy and I’m happy with that,” as reported by She Knows.

This is not the first time West has been vocal about his appreciation and love for Censori. On her birthday, West wrote, “Happy birthday to the most beautiful super bad fun iconic muse inspirational talented artist masters degree in architecture 140 IQ, loving by my side every day when half the world turned their backs on me and the most amazing step mom to our children I love you so much thank you for sharing your life with me.”

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