Kanye West Faces Lawsuit Over Display of Nude Pictures and Lingerie Demands in Front of Employees

Kanye West Faces Lawsuit Over Display of Nude Pictures and Lingerie Demands in Front of Employees
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Kanye West finds himself entangled in a legal battle as a former employee from Donda Academy and Yeezy, steps forward with serious allegations, shedding light on the darker aspects of working under the Yeezy umbrella.

Trevor Phillips, the plaintiff, disclosed unsettling details in court, recounting an uncomfortable encounter with West just days after the finalization of his divorce from Kim Kardashian.



Phillips, the plaintiff, felt particularly uneasy when he met with West on December 2, 2022, three days after his divorce from Kardashian. Phillips stated that he received an invitation from West to meet in a private room at Nobu in Malibu, California. "[Trevor] immediately recognized the female's name because only a few weeks earlier, while at the Yeezy headquarters, Kanye had flaunted nude pictures of her to many of the staff members," the complaint claimed. West allegedly "FaceTimed a female friend," according to court filings.



"The female answered Kanye's call and he commanded her, 'Next time I see you, you better make sure you are wearing the lingerie and the shoes I got you,'" Phillips said. In a previous report, TMZ disclosed that the complainant claimed West used hate speech against the LGBTQIA+ community and passed racist and antisemitism remarks during a private conversation.

According to Phillips, West also disclosed "having a porn addiction." The startling lawsuit filed against West and Donda Academy was made public recently. Donda Academy serves children in pre-K through 12th grade and is situated in the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.



Phillips worked for West in 2022, and although he was employed to "increase cotton production" for Yeezy, his employment eventually began to involve the school because of West's antisemitic outbursts at the time. Phillips claimed that the rapper frequently expressed his antisemitic views to the academy's employees and students.

Additionally, he added that the rapper often used derogatory language, and threatened to shave the heads of two students and put them in cages during one incident. As such, Phillips is suing West on the grounds of a hostile work environment, harassment, and discrimination.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Arnold Jerocki
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Arnold Jerocki


In light of these claims, the rapper's current partner Bianca Censori, 29, too has been pulled into the storm. Bianca has been subject to her fair share of backlash lately due to her revealing fashion choices that were allegedly also orchestrated by West.

Her family highly disapproves of the provocative attires and her father Leo Censori, allegedly contacted the rapper last month, insisting that he come to see him. Leo worries about West's dominating control over his daughter, according to an insider who spoke to Daily Mail, "Kanye has been invited to go to Australia and Bianca is hesitant to allow this to happen because she knows how her father will react." 

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