Kanye West Deletes Post After Taking Aim at Hailey Bieber, Leaving Fans Puzzled

Kanye West Deletes Post After Taking Aim at Hailey Bieber, Leaving Fans Puzzled
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Kanye West, famous for his candid outbursts, caused a stir recently with a swiftly deleted Instagram tirade. In the now-vanished post, the 46-year-old rapper targeted a slew of individuals, including model Hailey Bieber, while celebrating his chart-topping album, Vultures 1. West initiated his diatribe by expressing gratitude to his supporters, dubbing them as individuals resistant to manipulation by the system.



As per the reports of Mirror, amid his ire, West accused Adidas of attempting to dismantle him. He exclaimed, “This number #1 is for you it’s for the people who won’t be manipulated by the system and f**k Adidas and everybody who works there or with them. Anyone who goes to school with anyone who’s parents work at Adidas. Just know they tried to destroy me and here we are with the number 1 song in the world. And f**k everybody at the Dailey Mail (sic). And f**k everybody at the fashion houses that sided with Gabby and Hailey Bieber. F**k each and every single one of yall. And f**k every Christian that watched me have my kids taken out of my control. That’s how I feel.” he concluded, “I’ll come back to yall if I think of more f**k you’s.”

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As per The Sun, many were confused by West’s inclusion of Hailey Bieber in his diatribe, questioning the rationale behind singling her out alongside other targets. Some fans speculated that West’s reference to ‘Gabby’ pertained to Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa Johnson, known for mocking West’s controversial attire choices. Bieber’s previous defense of Karefa-Johnson may have placed her inadvertently in West's line of fire.

One fan wrote, "Bruh everyone is collectively dragging this woman now. If Ye ever named dropped me I’d die. But we know they have beef because didn’t Hailey say something when Ye was being anti-Semitic a couple of years ago and then he called her Hailey Baldloose… ?" Another added, "Point being YE is the founder of the name baldloose. He also outed her nose job and that she’s not a real model just a nepo who gets jobs because of the circle she’s in not her actually being worthy."

A third concluded, "Being called out personally and dissed by the most famously unhinged personality who disses women of a particular religion... I'll snark but tbh, by reverse Uno card this is good for her."

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by MEGA
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by MEGA


Fans and commentators expressed concern for West's mental well-being, suggesting that his erratic behavior could be a response to personal struggles, including his ex-wife Kim Kardashian's reported romantic involvement with Odell Beckham Jr. Many lamented West's downward spiral and called for him to seek professional help. This latest incident underscores West's penchant for headline-grabbing antics and his ongoing battle with mental health issues.

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