Kanye West Buys New Porsche for Bianca Censori in a Bid to Make Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian Jealous

Kanye West Buys New Porsche for Bianca Censori in a Bid to Make Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian Jealous
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With the success of his most recent album, Vultures 2, Kanye West is having a great time. To celebrate, the Bound 2 rapper was spotted getting his wife, Bianca Censori, a new car. On Wednesday, West was spotted at a car dealership in Los Angeles, Censori was seen grinning broadly as she took a test drive in the brand-new Porsche.

The couple was also seen engaging in some subtle PDA as they signed the contract, the young Yeezy architect sat on her husband's lap as they closed the deal. 


As per The UK Mirror, Censori chose a skintight sheer blouse and a pair of short shorts in a tan color, going without a bra for the excursion. The model opted for a simple makeup look, using pink lipstick and light blue eyeshadow.

However, several fans conjectured that Ye would be attempting to arouse his ex-wife Kim Kardashian's jealousy when the two were being recorded at the vehicle dealership. A fan asked: "Is he trying to make Kim jealous again or sth?" in a Reddit forum. A second fan speculated that the whole thing seemed staged, "Okay am I crazy at the end it really looks like she looks back, sees the camera, and then goes to lean into him further/put her arm around him." A third fan replied: "Ye and Bi knows what's going on..." 


A fourth fan pointed out: "He could've bought her some clothes and she'd probably be happy. What's the point of buying her a car when she's never out of his sight? She's not gonna go anywhere without him. Shrug. So weird."

A fourth fan said, "That's what I said. Will she be allowed to drive it? Maybe we will start to see Bianca outside without him?" Later, the duo was seen leaving the Porsche dealership and making their way to the well-known Cheesecake Factory restaurant. 



Earlier this month relationship expert Louella Alderson explained that West might be jealous about the reality star's new love interest Odell Beckham Jr. As per The UK Mirror, Alderson said, "Kanye is unpredictable and has a history of lashing out in public, especially when it comes to Kim Kardashian. It's possible that he may still hold some form of resentment or even jealousy towards Kim moving on.

In this case, he may potentially make negative comments about Odell or their relationship. If so, this would be a red flag for his own relationship with Bianca, as it could show he is not fully over Kim and still holds onto strong emotions towards her, even if it's in a negative way."

Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Rodin Eckenroth
Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Rodin Eckenroth


The analyst added that West might try to advance his career by using the KUWTK alum's recent romance. Alderson said: "Kanye could also use Kim's new romance as a way to create more publicity for himself and his new album, as he has done in the past with other public feuds. "This would not only be harmful to his co-parenting relationship with Kim but also to his own relationship with Bianca. It's important for Kanye to focus on his own life and happiness rather than getting involved in drama with his ex-wife." The relationship advisor also pointed out how the beauty mogul hasn't publicly commented on the Donda rapper's "quick marriage to Bianca" following their divorce. She said: "This shows a mature and respectful attitude on her part, and Kanye should try to give her the same level of respect for the sake of their children and their own well-being." 

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