Kanye West Allegedly Threatened to 'Shave' and 'Cage’ Donda School Students: Ex-staff in Lawsuit

Kanye West Allegedly Threatened to 'Shave' and 'Cage’ Donda School Students: Ex-staff in Lawsuit
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A new controversy brought Kanye West into a negative spotlight. The rapper's ex-employee from his unaccredited Christian School, Donda, slapped a lawsuit over serious allegations of threatening to "cage" the students. Little is known about the academy located in Chatsworth, California, and has quite a mystery around its inner workings. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Scott Dudelson
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Scott Dudelson


Apparently, this isn't the first time Ye's mysterious academy has been sued. Previously, in April 2023, two staff members sued the rapper for the academy's idiosyncratic practices. Also, two students, Cecilia Hailey, and Chekarey Byers, from the K-12 school filed a complaint about the bizarre rules of the academy. 

Now, an ex-staffer, Trevor Phillips, who worked for the organization in 2022, filed a suit against the school on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, and accused the Praise God rapper of wanting to "shave student's heads and cage them." According to the legal documents obtained by Rolling Stone, the ex-employee claimed West would "proudly" express anti-semitic views openly in front of students. 



Philips previously worked for the 46-year-old's design company Yeezy before joining the Christian school. During his nine-month in the academy, he heard Ye telling two students he "wanted to shave their heads" and "intended to put [them] in a jail at the school." 

He further alleged in the lawsuit that West was racist and subjected him to "incessant harassment" from time to time. Philips in his statement also explained the rapper gave preferential treatment to white employees who pretended to masturbate in front of him and even threatened him with a punch during a "temper tantrum." 

The former staff added that when he tried to confront Ye for his bigotry, the rapper was "merciless" towards him, treating him with humiliation and attempting to "mentally control and destroy him." The suit filed by Philips also read, "Kanye's ill-will towards the plaintiff ultimately culminated in a vulgar lashing in front of schoolchildren and their parents. Kanye even threatened Phillips with physical violence." 



In more shocking claims, Philips also revealed Ye "boasted" about his sex life. The lawsuit stated, "What was meant to be a meeting with his boss about Donda Academy, its curriculum and horticulture, ended up being anti-Semitic and bigoted soliloquy-topped off with sexual harassment." 

The musician also threatened the LGBTQ community and said, "Yeah I'm going for the gays! FIRST the Jews, THEN the gays," accusing Microsft mogul Bill Gates, of controlling "gay people so that they don't have children for population control." 



In previous lawsuits, the students and staff members shared the strange rules of Donda Academy, for instance, the dress code was strictly all-black from "head to toe," brands like Adidas and Nike were banned from the school, the utensils in the school's kitchen were in gray, students were prohibited from using wither forks or other utensils when they ate, and they were served "only sushi" every single day. 



The student Hailey who filed a complaint last year, told the Los Angeles Times, "They definitely wanted to suppress a lot of information in reference to history," referencing how the school's curriculum omitted African American history, Asian American history, as well as the Holocaust from their books. 

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