Jessica Simpson Is Back in Her Daisy Dukes Flaunting Her Newly Toned Body After Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson Is Back in Her Daisy Dukes Flaunting Her Newly Toned Body After Weight Loss
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These Boots are made for walkin' singer Jessica Simpson takes the internet by storm as she flaunts her incredibly toned body on Instagram after her weight loss journey.



The actress and singer paid homage to her iconic Dukes of Hazzard costume from 2005, albeit with her own spin on it, reports Daily Mail. Simpson took it to Instagram earlier and flaunted her golden hour kissed self posing in a classic '90s phone booth to promote her newly launched clothing brand Jessica Simpson Style. She donned a white off-shoulder top along with stellar denim shorts and a western-style silver belt around her waist. She styled the outfit with gold high heels.

The vibe totally matched her soft rock glam make-up: golden eyeshadow for the golden girl. She certainly made a statement with what appears to be a Black Panther-inspired necklace, which she wore along with other accessories like a subtly layered bead bracelet on one hand and a layer of timeless wristwatches, adorned with rings, on the other.



Her family members and friends are reportedly worried and are extremely concerned over Simpson's "shrinking figure" as her "cheeks have sunken and clothes are hanging off her body and she's lost her curvy figure." Many of her loved ones insinuated that she no longer looks like herself, and they deemed her condition unhealthy.

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The Dukes of Hazzard actress spoke about her weight gain after giving birth to her three children- Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie, in an exclusive interview with Extra. During the pregnancy, she weighed 260 lbs, which she said was "heavier" than her NFL player husband. By 2019, she lost 100 lbs. Simpson shared how she addressed bad eating habits and nutritional intake while on this journey. "I went to a nutritionist and needed to get my eating habits right," Simpson said.



Getting to wear her children's clothes after losing weight was another perk, however, the actress and singer said that she feels younger, has a lot more energy, and more importantly feels healthier than she ever was. Even though she received criticism and hate during this journey of both gaining and losing weight, it didn't stop her from being optimistic about it. Feigning ignorance to all the negativity Simpsons turned the tables on haters by starting a clothing business out of her experience in weight loss to promote acceptance.

She further reveals being on Harley Pasternak's Body Reset Diet Plan which includes 3 balanced meals with occasional smoothies and healthy snacks in a day to "keep that metabolism humming."



The one person that never stopped supporting Simpson on this journey was her husband Eric Johnson. The former NFL player met the love of his life back in 2010, and they proceeded to tie the knot in 2014. After this, they became proud parents of three children. In an interview with People, Johnson revealed the secret to his happy relationship and marriage is communication, and that it's truly loving someone. "We both have the same purpose and heart with what we're doing together. And I think that's important" Johnson added.

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