Here's Who All Were Not Invited to 'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown's Wedding

Here's Who All Were Not Invited to 'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown's Wedding
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @christine_brownsw

Leon Brown and partner Audrey Kriss found themselves excluded from Christine Brown's wedding special, a poignant development after their estrangement from dad, Kody Brown. Christine and David Woolley meticulously curated their dream wedding guest list, leaving out some members of the Sister Wives' extended family. Capturing Christine's nuptials with David at Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah, featured approximately 330 guests, including Janelle Brown and her children. Notably absent were Kody and his remaining wife, Robyn, while Meri Brown, Christine's other ex-sister wife, also didn't make it.

Cover Image Source: Instagram | @christine_brownsw
Image Source: Instagram | @christine_brownsw


However, Leon, Meri and Kody's 28-year-old child, who identifies as nonbinary and goes by they/them pronouns, did receive an invitation, as per Bussiness Insider reports. The wedding album included a large family photo where Leon and their spouse, Kriss, were present. Yet the joyous occasion was marred by the strained relationship between Leon and Kody. Ever since Leon's declaration of being nonbinary, Kody has distanced himself, refusing to support their transition. A source revealed, "Kody has not supported Leon's transition," and further explained that Kody perceives Leon as a completely different person from the one he raised.



This estrangement has not only affected Kody's relationship with Leon but has also strained his connection with Meri. The insider disclosed, "They don't have a relationship anymore, and because of it, it has affected his relationship with Meri, 100 percent." Meri, however, seems unfazed by the wedding snub. The source shared, "Meri didn't care about attending," citing their falling out and Meri's contentment with her life post-departure from the family. The two ex-sister wives, Christine and Meri, announced their split from Kody in 2021, and Christine relocated to Utah a few months later, leaving Kody and the remaining sister wives in Flagstaff, Arizona.



According to an informant who spoke with The U.S. Sun, the outdoor wedding held at the enchanting Red Cliffs Lodge was a full-day event, with setup commencing in the early morning hours. "Everything was placed strategically and, of course, to get the best views for cameras," revealed the insider. Following the midday wedding ceremony, attendees were instructed to enthusiastically cheer for the cameras. "The guests were told to make cheering noises multiple times. It seemed like some parts of the wedding were definitely staged for TV, such as getting reactions from the crowd." The extensive production day concluded shortly after the sun dipped below the horizon.

Image Source: Instagram | @christine_browncw
Image Source: Instagram | @christine_browncw


Meri, now busy with her 'bed and breakfast' in Parowan, Utah, reportedly holds no bitterness towards her former family. A source explained, "The thing about Meri is she is really happy with her life right now," emphasizing her lack of animosity or anger. Meri seems to have found peace and fulfillment away from the complexities of the Sister Wives' dynamics. As the family navigates these intricate relationships, the wedding special serves as a tangible reflection of the ongoing tensions and fractures within the Sister Wives' extended family.

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