Here’s Literally Why and How ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy and Tammy Slaton Started Gaining Weight

Here’s Literally Why and How ‘1000-Lb Sisters’  Amy and Tammy Slaton Started Gaining Weight
Cover Image Source: Youtube | Photo by @TLC (L & R)

'1000-Lb Sisters': The Real Journey Behind Amy & Tammy Slaton's Weight Loss

Cover Image Source: TLC
Image Source: Youtube | Photo by @TLC

The journey of weight loss for Amy and Tammy Slaton, the stars of 1000-Lb Sisters, has been nothing short of remarkable. From difficult childhood to facing emotional rollercoaster physical obstacles as adults, their path to transformation has originated with great determination, discipline, and ultimately, triumph.

Here’s a deep dive into the real reasons behind their weight gain and the inspiring stories of their remarkable weight loss journey. Amy and Tammy’s weight loss journeys are powerful reminders of the human spirit's capacity for transformation.

1. The Origins of Their Weight Gain

Image Source: Instagram | @amyslaton_halterman
Image Source: Instagram | Photo by @amyslaton_halterman

As per Screen Rant, Amy and Tammy’s struggles with weight began in early childhood, moulded by genetics, emotional eating, and socioeconomic factors. Growing up in a family where food was an escape to comfort and convenience, they found themselves turning to unhealthy eating habits from an early age.

Tammy revealed, “I’ve always had a weight issue. I was born 9 lbs. 10 oz., and then I just kept gaining. The microwave was our best friend. Ramen noodles, bowls of soup, things that were quick and easy — stuff that adds on carbs.” The sudden loss of their grandmother further compounded their emotional struggles, leading them to seek solace in food to fill the void.

2. Amy's Weight Loss Journey

Cover Image Source: YouTube| TLC
 Image Source: YouTube| Photo by @TLC

Amy’s journey to weight loss began when she weighed over 400 pounds and her determination to change her life nudged her to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Despite facing several challenges along the way, including a contentious divorce and struggles with mental health. Recalling her old days she revealed, “Mom was always at work, so we had to learn how to cook and stuff for ourselves. And at 10 and 11 you really couldn't prepare healthy food and stuff.”

During one episode of the show, she added, ‘I’m kind of nervous because I don’t think I am where I’m supposed to be in my weight loss goal. I avoid the scale because then I’m focused on the number going down. And if I see it going up, it’s going to make me depressed and wanna eat more. So, it’s best not to look at it.”

Tammy reflected on her mental health and weight loss journey and remarked, “I think the kids are even happier now. Gage, he has anxiety I guess, and when he gets really overwhelmed, he starts crying and holding his ears. So he don't do that very often anymore.”

3. Tammy's Weight Loss Journey

Cover Image Source: TLC
 Image Source: Youtube | Photo by @TLC

Tammy’s weight loss journey was equally transformative, with her once weighing over 700 pounds. Overcoming physical and mental barriers, Tammy embarked on a path to wellness, shedding over 400 pounds through discipline and perseverance. A health scare acted as a wake-up call, nudging her to make prominent lifestyle changes and prioritize her well-being.

She revealed, “By putting our stories out there, we’re helping others see they can lose weight too. They’re not alone. I’ve done more in the last nine months than I’ve ever done in my life. I have my life back.”

After her surgery in 2023, she revealed, “I kinda wanted to talk about my hair actually. If yall have been watching, in the fourth season episode 3 you’ll see in the beginning I had red curly hair. That was this past February and since then, my hair has actually grown in so much. So the surgery has actually done wonderful for my hair and for my body and for my health. And for my everything! I’m proud of myself, I’m proud of my hair….it’s a work in progress.”

4. Challenges and Triumphs

 Image Source: Youtube | Photo by @TLC
Image Source: Youtube | Photo by @TLC

Both Amy and Tammy faced their fair share of challenges on their weight loss journey. Amy’s divorce and mental health struggles led her on a roller coaster ride. She revealed, “I’ve said I'm not a therapy person — I said, 'I will never go to therapy,' but I went to therapy. And I’m happier.”

Tammy’s life hit rock bottom when she finally found love but unfortunately suffered the loss of her partner, but her determination to honor his memory fuels her to continue her weight loss.

5. The Road Ahead

 Image Source: Youtube | Photo by @TLC
Image Source: Youtube | Photo by @TLC

As Amy and Tammy navigate the complexities of life post-weight loss, they continue to inspire others with their stories of perseverance and triumph. Despite the inevitable ups and downs, they remain steadfast in their commitment to health and happiness.

Amy remarked during an interview, “...which is like PTSD from the whole stuff going on with Michael. It's a relief to know that I'm not crazy. It was something totally different. I'm not just snapping because I'm snapping. I'm snapping because I'm bipolar.” 

Amy shares how she is inculcating healthy habits in her kids. She revealed, “I try to be there for them as much as possible. If they ain't at Daddy's, they're with me. I know my mama couldn't always do that. Gage will eat Brussels sprouts. He'll eat broccoli. He'll eat cauliflower. He'll eat all of that.” She further added, “I want them to learn how to be good guys. I want them to learn as much as they can, soak up all that knowledge. I don't want them to be on the streets one day. I want them to actually be contributing members of society.” 

With their unwavering determination and resilience, Amy and Tammy stand as beacons of hope for anyone embarking on their own weight loss journey.

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