Fans Critique Kim Kardashian's SKKN Video, Use of 'Filter' Sparks Doubts About Her Makeup Line

Fans Critique Kim Kardashian's SKKN Video, Use of 'Filter' Sparks Doubts About Her Makeup Line
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gotham

Kim Kardashian is under fire again, and this time it's because of a promo video for her skincare brand, Skkn. The video shows Kardashian in her luxurious $60 million Hidden Hills mansion, wearing a plush robe as she applies some brown lip liner. But eagle-eyed fans noticed something seemed off – her skin looked practically poreless and airbrushed to perfection. Cue the backlash, as people accused her of using heavy-duty blur filters to digitally smooth out every last complexion flaw, as per The Sun.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Gotham
Image Source: Getty Images | Gotham


Critics took to social media to voice their opinions about the matter with the filter. One Reddit user commented, "The blurring filter is working overtime." Another pointed out, "The filter is turned up so high that there's a softening halo effect OUTSIDE her face." Some even questioned the authenticity of her products, "Would you buy the cosmetic at this point? Hell naw." The main concern among all the fans was that the filter was excessive and misleading. This backlash comes on the heels of another controversy. Kardashian daughter North has recently posted on Instagram which clearly shows how normal Kardashian is, with wrinkles and imperceptions on TikTok. Fans spotted the contrast to the heavily filtered images she often shares on social media. They were surprised by what they say and how it can be very misleading. They all questioned why Kardashian felt the need to alter her appearance so drastically.



North posted a picture of Kim with her head resting against Chicago and a kissing face. The brief sighting was one of many images that North shared on social media, along with sketches and pictures of her siblings. "Photo dump" is the collection's title, but the comments are disabled. Another post was of Kardashian seated outside with her daughter Chicago on her lap while the sun softly stroked her forehead in the pictures. Above the photo, North stated, "Such a good picture," yet it's possible that she was making a joke out of the several laughing emojis she included.


North West has repeatedly shown that she is just as sassy as her mother Kardashian. and that she is not afraid of her. North turned fashion critic in a Season 4 episode of The Kardashians, where she was shown analyzing many stars' red carpet looks. Jared Leto's life-size cat costume, according to the 10-year-old, was simply "cringe." However, she disapproved of Pete Davidson's attire, her mother's former partner, and gave her critique, "You’re going to the Met Gala, Pete. Not the gas station," as per Glamour. North had earlier reviewed her mother's all-pearl ensemble. She even compared the founder of the Skims, OOTN, to a "dollar store" appearance. North casually revealed that her mother disapproved of Kendall Jenner, her sister, the supermodel, for her glitzy black bodysuit and her extravagantly high boot heels.

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