Donald Trump to Bank on 'Ultra MAGA' Billionaire Supporters to Raise $33M in Campaign Funds

Donald Trump to Bank on 'Ultra MAGA' Billionaire Supporters to Raise $33M in Campaign Funds
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Supporters of former President Donald Trump can now become "Ultra MAGA" members of his campaign thanks to a new fundraising initiative designed to win over his supporters. According to a copy of a contribution form that CNN was able to obtain, the highest level of contributions to the joint fundraising committee, known as the "Trump 47 Committee," is reserved for people who offer $814,600, which is the maximum amount that one person can currently donate. Other levels of this initiative include— “Team Trump 2024” for donors contributing $250,000, “Team America First” for $100,000 contributions, “Club 47” at $50,000, and finally, “MAGA 24” at the $24,000 level. 


As reported by CNN in a different article, the founder of hedge firm Paulson & Co, John Paulson, has invited some of the biggest donors of the Republican Party to an expensive event this month to support Trump's presidential campaign. The event is set to be chaired by hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer and oil tycoon Harold Hamm on April 6 in Palm Beach, Florida. Other prominent billionaires on the guest list include hotelier and space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow and casino mogul Steve Wynn.  


“I am pleased to support President Trump in his re-election efforts,” Paulson stated. “His policies on the economy, energy, immigration, and foreign policy will be very beneficial for the country...We are receiving an overwhelming amount of support from donors...This support, along with the landslide victory he achieved in the primaries, shows his strong support amongst Americans,” Paulson added. 

Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Seth Herald
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Seth Herald

The invitation also lists three former Trump opponents who have subsequently endorsed him— Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, and Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota. The cost of participation in the fundraising varies from $250,000 for members of the "host committee" to $814,600 for those in the "chairman" position. Additionally, the invitation listed supper at Trump's table as one of the perks for high contributors. Trump's goal in closing the fundraising deficit with Democrats and Joe Biden is to raise enormous sums of money. To that end, the Republican leader has entered into a new cooperative fundraising arrangement with the RNC and other state parties.


According to The Hill, the 2024 GOP frontrunner is set to host a fundraiser to surpass Biden's $26 million fundraising total. “The response to our fundraising efforts has been overwhelming, and we’ve raised over $33 million so far. There is massive support amongst a broad spectrum of donors. The dinner is relatively small, and we are almost at our cap,” Paulson said in a statement. Federal campaign forms show that the Biden campaign had $71 million in cash on hand at the end of February, while the Trump campaign had $33.5 million after the quarter. 

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