Critics Question Donld Trump Jr.'s Sobriety After Video Sparks Drug Use Accusations

Critics Question Donld Trump Jr.'s Sobriety After Video Sparks Drug Use Accusations
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In a recent video shared on X, Donald Trump Jr. seemed to struggle to keep his eyes open as he talked about Joe Biden's cognitive abilities following Super Tuesday. The video, intended to promote his podcast Triggered, showed Don Jr. praising his father's speech at Mar-a-Lago on March 5, marveling at its spontaneity and lack of notes or prompter. However, many viewers couldn't help but notice Don Jr.'s apparent difficulty in keeping his eyes open throughout the clip.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Theo Wargo
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Theo Wargo


"That was sort of amazing right?" he was asking his followers. "Twenty minutes, off the cuff, impromptu, no notes, no podium, no prompter. And you realize... Joe Biden would be incapable of standing on his own for 20 minutes let alone anything else, I see the numbers going up," he continued. The Midas Touch's Ron Filipkowski posted the video on social media, highlighting the former first son's struggles to maintain an open eye during the 22-second footage, as per OK Magazine.



On Filipkowski's post, several X users claimed that Don Jr. was "really, really high." Another said,"He's on another planet right now, Someone, please do a health and wellness check on DTJ today." While another alleged, "Junior is everything they say Hunter [Biden] is. He’s never worked an honest day in his life. He’s an overly privileged clown who lives off his father’s money and profits off the family name. He’s a proven fraud, just like his father. And he’s clearly struggling with active addiction. He’s a sleazy dude with zero charisma. He’s sloppy. Messy. He’s an embarrassment."

Another user poked, "Looks like Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle started the party early this Monday evening! Maybe he’ll be able to fully open his eyes by Wednesday," as per MSN.



As previously reported, Aubrey O'Day, the ex-girlfriend of Don Jr., disclosed that she and the former's first son would indulge in drug use. “I mean, he’s either on serious Adderall or conflicted inside. He doesn’t look well... for a while now,” speaking about Don Jr.'s actions through the past few years, O'Day stated. O'Day claimed to have previously used drugs with Trump Jr., though she was unwilling to elaborate.

“We did drugs together. Cocaine was never one of them, he never showed any interest. So I can’t say that.” O’Day stated. O'Day and Trump Jr. allegedly had an affair for a year while Trump Jr. was still married to Vanessa, his ex-wife.



Former Danity Kane member made an appearance on Mea Culpa, the podcast hosted by Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen. She said that at a homosexual nightclub's restroom, she had sex with Trump Jr. They had never had sex together before.

When talking with Cohen about Trump Jr.'s anti-LGBTQ beliefs, O'Day brought up the affair. She clarified that although everyone in the club was "in a g-string or less," Trump Jr. appeared at ease. "My assistant said he was very comfortable and she remembered him being totally chill and nice with everybody."

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