Sister Wives Fame Christine Brown's Friends Express Concerns Over Her Fast Marriage to David Woolley

Sister Wives Fame Christine Brown's Friends Express Concerns Over Her Fast Marriage to David Woolley
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @christine_brownsw

Christine Brown, a star of the reality show Sister Wives, is now married to David Woolley, and exclusive insights reveal that her close friends are expressing concerns about the seemingly rushed nature of their union. The U.S. Sun reported that a significant portion of Christine's inner circle finds it challenging to believe that her relationship with Woolley is based on true love.

Cover Image Source: Instagram | @christine_brownsw
Image Source: Instagram | @christine_brownsw


The couple's fairytale wedding, which unfolded in Moab, Utah, on January 7, was aired on TLC. Despite the grandeur of the occasion, it's noted that several Sister Wives, including Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Kody Brown, were conspicuously absent, having not received invitations. Even Christine's daughter, Gwendlyn, opted to skip the celebration, leaving reasons undisclosed. According to the source, who sheds light on the concerns within Christine's close-knit circle, "A lot of people in Christine's inner circle are concerned about her quick marriage to David." The hesitation to vocalize these worries openly stems from a desire not to overshadow Christine's happiness during her special moment.




However, behind the scenes, friends observe a change in Christine since she embarked on this whirlwind romance with the 60-year-old Woolley. The source emphasizes, "She's totally different with him," pointing out alterations in Christine's behavior, such as proudly displaying tattoos and exploring a wild side previously unseen by those close to her. The intrigue deepens as friends and family question the authenticity of Christine's emotions, with speculation arising about whether she is genuinely in love with Woolley. The source reveals, "Most of her inner circle is having a hard time believing that it's true love, and she fell in love so fast."



Daughters Aspyn, 28, and Ysabel, 20, express reservations, keeping their guard up, and on the wedding special, they even hinted at uncertainty about labeling Woolley as their stepdad. The source suggests that their doubts are grounded in a belief that Christine's rapid move into this marriage may not stand the test of time. Christine, 51, and Kody, 54, announced their separation in November 2021 after 25 years of marriage. She publicly revealed her relationship with Woolley in February 2023 and got engaged in April. The insider adds, "Her moving on so quickly with David is all because she was seeking attention, and he gave it to her."

Cover Image Source: Instagram | Christine Brown
Image Source: Instagram | Christine Brown


Notably, Christine's best friend and fellow sister wife, Janelle Brown, who has also parted ways with Kody, acknowledges concerns about the speed of Christine's new relationship. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Janelle admitted to initial reservations but has since embraced Woolley, appreciating his compatibility with Christine and the positive influence he has on the children. As the family drama unfolds, with Season 19 of Sister Wives yet to be officially announced, viewers eagerly anticipate the second part of Christine and Woolley's wedding special on January 14 on TLC

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