Britney Spears Looks Fabulous in Camo Print as She Enjoys Dancing to Her Own Tunes

Britney Spears Looks Fabulous in Camo Print as She Enjoys Dancing to Her Own Tunes
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On a Wednesday morning, Britney Spears was clearly having a blast as she shared a video of herself dancing to the song Sauce by Na?ka. Despite having an active Instagram account, Spears chose to showcase her dance moves on Twitter by posting several videos of herself in her living room. In the 41-second clip, the pop star sported a stylish look with straightened blonde hair, a yellow short-sleeve crop top, camo-print bikini bottoms, and pointed black boots.



Although Britney Spears typically disables comments on Instagram, this time she left them open, and several fans praised her with comments like "So gorgeous" and "Keep killing it, Britney." However, not everyone was entirely impressed, as one user expressed their opinion, stating, "Sometimes I feel your dances are sad...sorry if I'm wrong."

Britney didn't stop there; she shared two other videos. One of them, lasting a minute and 17 seconds, featured her dancing to Steven Tyler's music, and she captioned it, "A week ago just before Mexico dancing Steven Tyler!!!" The video features Britney Spears wearing a vibrant pink drawstring bikini paired with matching pointed white boots, along with a white crop top. In the third and final video, Britney Spears dances outside, dressed in a yellow crop top adorned with puffy sleeves, paired with brown shorts. For footwear, she opts for brown sandals instead of pointed heels.



A few days after her previous video, Britney Spears once again exuded pure joy as she started her weekend with a new video. This time, she danced to the song Maria Maria by Santana featuring The Product G&B. The 41-year-old Toxic diva showcased her impressive moves in a video she tweeted out on Friday, July 28. Looking fabulous, Britney wore hot pink bikini bottoms paired with a long-sleeve white crop top during her captivating dance routine.

In the latest clip, Britney exhibited a diverse range of dance moves, incorporating lots of twirling and hair-whipping. Towards the end, she even playfully air-guitared along with the iconic tune of the guitarist. Throughout most of the video, Britney danced barefoot, but there was a brief moment towards the end when she rocked a pair of high white boots.



Although Britney frequently shares dancing videos, this month she has even more reason to celebrate. Just a week before, she released her latest single Mind Your Business, a collaboration with rapper Will.I.Am. This marks their second project together since their 2013 hit Scream And Shout. The new track was released on July 21.

Before the song was made available on streaming services, Will expressed his excitement about reuniting with Britney for a new track. During a CBS This Morning interview, he mentioned that dancing serves as therapy for many individuals, including those who create music and those who listen to it. Observing Britney's dance videos on her Instagram, he couldn't help but feel elated, noting how evident it is that she adores music.



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