'Betrayal is the Norm in Ex-President's Family,' Claims Former Advisor of Melania Trump

'Betrayal is the Norm in Ex-President's Family,' Claims Former Advisor of Melania Trump
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Stephanie Winston Wolkloff, a former advisor to Melania Trump, revealed shocking details about Republican front-runner Donald Trump and his family. Wolkloff is the author of the book Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With the First Lady, and she warned through her social platform that betrayal runs in the blood of the Trumps. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael M. Santiago
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael M. Santiago


Wolkloff wrote on X on November 13, 2023, "BETRAYAL is the norm in Trump World—even to FAMILY & FRIENDS." The post continued, "As soon as you raise the alarm about their nefarious activities, they make sure to cast you in an unflattering light & GAG you from speaking the truth with false accusations, non-disclosure agreements, & subpoenas." 

The author's tweet was in response to a story by @joanwalsh (The Nation writer), who wrote, "Donald Trump faces 91 felony counts. He and ex-CFO Allen Weisselberg are looking at NY business banishment for fraud charges. What happened to one of the first whistleblowers, Jennifer Weisselberg? I tell the story: Unmarried to the Mob." 



The 52-year-old has been a vocal critic of Melania in her book and echoed her sentiments in July 2023 on her social media platform. She slammed the former Slovenian model, saying, "Gaslighting & Deflection is part of the Trump Playbook. @MELANIATRUMP is the QUEEN of BETRAYAL, DECEIT, LIES & GRIFT." 

She continued, "So the irony that Melania is maintaining a low profile because 'SHE' feels 'betrayed & disappointed by some friends, aides, & family members' is BS," reported OK! Magazine. Apparently, the former First Lady's absence from her husband's 2024 presidential campaign was blamed on her aides and allies, who reportedly "betrayed" her. 



The former BFF also challenged this theory of Melania's absence from the limelight, saying she's selfish. "Her [Melania's] selfishness is so deep, it enables her to keep her distance from the rest of the world," reports the Business Insider. Wolkloff claims she has factual proof (presumably recordings) to back every word written in her memoir. 

She served as Melania's aide for over a year, but the two were close friends for nearly 15 years. She recalled her first meeting with the ex-president's wife while Wolkloff worked at Vogue. Their friendship started before her relationship with Trump. However, their long-term bond ended in 2018, when the author felt she'd been "thrown under the bus" by her ex-pal. 

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Her memoir, released on September 1, 2020, is an explosive first-person account of the First Lady's former friend. She didn't refrain from expressing her "real" thoughts about Melania and the entire Trump clan. "My sixth sense warned me not to trust the Trumps. But my heart said, 'Melania is not one of them. She's one of us," Wolkloff wrote in her book. 



However, Melania attacked her former aide based on her claims. After her memoir hit the shelves, the Department of Justice dropped the breach-of-contract lawsuit against Wolkoff, reported USA Today. The documents claimed she violated her contract by not sending a draft of her book to the White House for review and approval.

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