AI-Generated Beer Commercial Goes Viral Since Its Debut After Baffling Viewers Worldwide

AI-Generated Beer Commercial Goes Viral Since Its Debut After Baffling Viewers Worldwide
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @privateislandtv

An AI-generated beer commercial has gone viral after its debut earlier in April and has left viewers baffled with panic and nightmares of the possible outcomes of artificial intelligence, according to Today.


The beer commercial released by production company Private Island has gone absolutely viral on social media, with 35.4K views on Instagram. The commercial is a trippy amalgamation of chaos and dark humor, with a subtle hint of dystopia. The video begins with people, who don't exist in real life, laughing in a youthful and celebratory atmosphere, surrounding a barbeque grill. The "people" represented have peculiar facial features, such as an irregular jaw and, according to reports, 14 fingers on each hand. The expressions throughout induced in viewers a sense of fear with many pointing out that the behavior of the "people" shown is pretty abnormal.



As the video progresses, it appears that men and women are holding their "cans or bottles" of beer with plumes of smoke emerging at random intervals. People make conversation with beer bottles in their hands and drink from them in an absurd and unorthodox manner. The "unreal" animates also had eyes that glitched every time they blink along with protruding jaws and tongues while speaking. Towards the end of the video, the small plumes suddenly emerge into a large fire that begins to roar and spread across the video. The video suddenly cuts to the "unnamed" beer brand in a metallic hue of blue.



The title of the said commercial is "Synthetic Summer Byo Boys," as released by the production company. The caption explicitly mentioned that "no real people" have been used in the making of the commercial: "You can't fight the future, but you can probably drink it."

Viewers were left bewildered and in alarm at this bizarre video. The comment section had an array of mixed reactions. While some cracked jokes about how AI could never replace human jobs, others were more frightened by the rate at which AI is growing. "Is it a horror movie trailer?" asked one commenter who seemed to have echoed many viewers' thoughts.



Chris Boyle, the co-founder of Private Island TV's production company, made a statement regarding their advancement with AI-generated tools: "Generally, our work is mixed-media, combining live-action with animation, so using AI tools seems like a natural evolution," he said. Boyle further added that the company has been experimenting and exploring the various possibilities that lie with generative images over a series of 12 months, exploring new ways of working and new mediums of visuals powered by machine learning.



A similar AI-generated commercial titled "Pepperoni Hug Spot"  also went viral on social media; it's equally daunting and disturbing. While the commercial does achieve its primary target of promoting pizza, other components of the commercial, such as the facial features and behavior of the "created" persona remain as peculiar as the commercial released by Private Island's production company.

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