Lisa Rinna’s Daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin Opens Up About Anorexia, Reveals Doctor’s 4-Month Warning

Lisa Rinna’s daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin opened up about her struggles with anorexia on The Skinny Confidential Him and Her podcast, where she revealed that a doctor once told her she could be dead in four months if she continued to lose weight.

She revealed to the hosts that the dire warning from a doctor at UCLA triggered her recovery from the disease.

“He looked at me and he was like, ‘So, yeah, basically, at this rate in about four months you’re going to be 45 pounds and you’re going to be dead,'” Amelia shared.

“I just snapped out of it,” she said. “I was so lucky that I was just like, yeah, I don’t want to be 45 pounds.”

However, the beginning of her recovery was not smooth sailing, she revealed. She began to gain weight at a faster pace than expected, despite “still eating such sparse amounts of food.”

“I was still eating just an apple a day, and then I would have a bowl of vegetables at night, maybe with some sriracha and like a drizzle of olive oil if things got pretty crazy,” she shared.

The model explained that when she gained 50 pounds in six months, she knew something was wrong. She recalled that this unexplained weight gain was damaging to her healing as it meant she continued to restrict her food and perform tough workouts.

It all became clear when Amelia was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease — an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid gland. She added that she also has an inflamed thyroid, a hormone imbalance, depression, and anxiety. She told the podcast that the longer a person has anorexia, the more detrimental effects it will have on the body.

Amelia said that although she is two years into her recovery, she still does not weigh herself. She explained that she is fine if a weighing scale is simply present, but added that once she goes on it, she’s “f*cked.”

The model also spoke about the beginning of her eating disorder on the podcast and recalled that she originally began dieting as a young teen after seeing paparazzi photos of herself taken when she was leaving a store with her mom.

As The Inquisitr covered earlier in August, Amelia slammed her mom’s castmate Garcelle Beauvais for body-shaming after the RHOBH star commented as to whether there could be a connection between Lisa’s Instagram posts and her daughter’s anorexia.

According to the publication, Amelia made it clear that she was unhappy with the comments, as she believes Garcelle was body-shaming her by implying that she would be intimidated by her mother’s small frame.

“You’re really not a part of any of my stuff,” she told her mom in a preview clip for the reality series, as she reassured her there was no truth to her co-star’s comments.

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