Ellen DeGeneres Gives Her Mother A Quarantine Haircut In Comical Video

Ellen DeGeneres’ mother Elizabeth DeGeneres, who goes by Betty, turned 90 years old on May 20. As a result, Ellen gave her a haircut in quarantine. She recorded the process and then shared the comical video to Instagram on May 21.

In the clip, Betty sat in a chair in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her shoulders while her daughter worked on her hair. Ellen seemed perfectly comfortable with the electric hair trimmer in hand as she eagerly buzzed off large pieces of her mother’s white locks. Even though Betty expressed some concern over her daughter’s ability to trim hair, she remained seated and allowed her to complete the job.

“Ooh! Oh! That’s not … oh!” Betty said nervously as she saw the pieces of hair falling to the floor.

Ellen seemed undaunted, assuring her mother that the cut was nothing drastic.

“It’s not that short, mother! It’s just taking the edges off,” she said with confidence.

However, as the cut progressed, it became evident that Ellen had likely removed a bit more hair than Betty had expected.

“Why am I letting her do this?” Betty said with a nervous laugh while glancing up at the camera.

Ellen reminded her mother that she would only celebrate her 90th birthday once so she might as well go all out. When Betty tried to critique how her daughter was doing her hair, Ellen simply told her she should be grateful she was not attempting to complete the look with scissors.

“Believe me, you don’t want me using scissors,” she told her.

When Ellen completed the haircut, her mother’s white curls were gone and replaced with a closely cropped look. With trepidation, she got up to look at her appearance in the bathroom mirror and survey the damage. Betty appeared taken aback by her new hairstyle and how short it was. When Ellen asked her if she liked the final look, Betty was brutally honest regarding her disapproval.

“No, not yet. But when I wash it … ooh, you really cut it short!” she exclaimed.

The comical video was viewed over 7 million times in less than 24 hours. Ellen boasts an incredible 89 million followers on the platform overall.

Not all of the recent press regarding Ellen has been very positive in recent weeks. Most recently, her former bodyguard Tom Majercak came out against her publicly to accuse her of being rude and unfriendly. He claimed that she was much different than how she appears on television, according to The Inquisitr.

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