Mama June Shannon’s Daughters Anna And Jessica Show Off Plastic Surgery Transformations

Mama June Shannon‘s daughters Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon opened up to The Daily Mail about their recent plastic surgery makeovers and what inspired their transformations.

The surgeries — which cost upward of $120,000 — took place last month when the sisters visited Los Angeles, but they didn’t take the surgeries lightly, admitting they were nervous.

Jessica, 23, has dreams of being a plus-sized model which she said was a “motivator” for her to get the procedure.

“‘I’ve always struggled with like my weight, so I’ve tried to find different ways to help me out but like nothing’s ever helped,” Jessica said, adding that she was “nervous and scared” to go under the knife.

Anna, 25, underwent a breast lift and implants, taking her from a B to a D cup, along with being fitted for 16 veneers, which totaled $47,450. She said was inspired by something more internal.

“I don’t have confidence in myself. Hopefully this will, you know, get it up there. It’ll give me like a healthier lifestyle,” Anna explained.

Following the surgery, Anna admitted that she “couldn’t stop smiling.” She revealed that she now has a “fuller figure.”

Jessica’s surgery was more pricey than Anna’s. She underwent a tummy tuck, liposuction, had an orbera balloon placed to help with weight loss, and also received eight veneers to the tune of $80,895. Despite the hefty price tag, she noted that the makeover has helped her confidence.

She explained that prior to the operations, she weighted 230 lbs., but is now down to 185 lbs. She added that she noticed the weight loss in her face within the first week of surgery, and she is noticing changes to her waist each day.

Although she was initially nervous, she is now happy with the decision to do so.

“Your confidence level goes up like extremely. There’s no looking back. I love what we did and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Jessica and Anna’s mother, June Shannon, famously went through a surgical makeover of her own and detailed her journey on the reality show Mama June: From Not to Hot. Prior to that, the family, including Anna and Jessica, appeared on the TLC series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Last year, June’s daughters reportedly “cut her off” and are currently estranged from their mom. June Shannon posted an Instagram update in January in which she said her kids still aren’t seeing her, adding that she missed and loved them.

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