Emily Blunt Reportedly Shoots Down Rumors She’s Set To Play Sue Storm In ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

Emily Blunt already has quite the resume as an action star. She’s done movies with Tom Cruise fighting aliens, and she’s taken over as the head of the household in the sequel for The Quiet Place. If there’s one area she hasn’t spent much time in, its comic book movies. In the last few days, rumors have popped up that she might be getting set to rectify that. Fans of Blunt’s started talking about the possibility of the actress taking on the role of Sue Storm in the latest reboot of the Fantastic Four movies.

Blunt sat down with ComicBook and put those rumors to rest, at least for now. The question came during an interview she was doing as part of her publicity tour for The Quiet Place 2. It came after her husband and co-star in both this film and its predecessor, John Krasinski, had been doing quite a bit of talking about his own role, or lack thereof in superhero movies.

Last month he talked about how he wanted to take the role of Captain America in the MCU series, but knew he couldn’t have done as good a job as Chris Evans when all was said and done.

Since he opened up about his interest in Marvel movies, fans have been looking for other roles Krasinski could step into. Those same fans came up with the idea that Krasinski and Blunt could both star in the next Fantastic Four film.

She was asked what might happen if she turned around and dashed the hopes of Fantastic Four fans who wanted to see her and her husband play an on-screen couple again.

“Well I don’t know, you’re gonna have to speak to Feige about it, right? No, fan casting is obviously so flattering and lovely, but I don’t see it as anything other than hypothetical until they cast someone else.”

Blunt has dealt with talk of taking on the role of a Marvel heroine before. Reports a few years ago claimed she was offered the role of Black Widow. She reportedly turned that role down and that allowed Scarlett Johansson to step in and become the iconic character.

This time around, neither Emily Blunt or John Krasinski have been officially offered a role in any Marvel movies. The talk about him playing “Mr. Fantastic” Reed Richards and Blunt playing “The Invisible Woman” Sue Storm is nothing more than wishful thinking at this point. However, while she shot down rumors this time, she didn’t close the door entirely should the MCU come calling officially.

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