Mama June Shannon Has Left Her Georgia Home In Complete Shambles, As Shocking Photos Reveal

Mama June Shannon seems to be out of control lately. Despite her family’s pleas to get the help that she needs, the reality star has chosen to supposedly take off with her boyfriend, Geno Doak, to go traveling in an RV. Unfortunately, her nice home in Hampton, Georgia has been left in complete shambles after she decided to sell the place.

According to TMZ, Mama June has sold her two-story home, but the new owners will have to gut the place because of the complete mess that was left by her and Geno. The photos that were obtained by the entertainment site reveals just how much destruction the couple made while living there. The kitchen appears to be in the process of being totally gutted. The kitchen sink and the oven are being taken out. They both have so much crud on them. They looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in quite a while. The kitchen cabinets look like they are being replaced as well.

Most of the rooms are being stripped down to the drywall and the flooring is being redone. While the pictures depict a lot of the construction currently going on, you can see that the house was left in a terrible state. The new owners, who are said to be a family with four children, have just decided to gut it all out and replace pretty much everything.

The week before these photos were released, TMZ also shared that Mama June’s neighbors were hot under the collar having such a messy sight in their otherwise nice neighborhood. There was a big trash bin stuffed full of garbage sitting right in the front yard, as well as trash floating around on the lawn. It appears that the couple had a lot of trash to get out of the house before they fled, but they certainly left plenty of dirt and grime behind.

Mama June and Geno were the only ones living there after Honey Boo Boo left to go live with her sister Pumpkin earlier this year. The 14-year-old didn’t want to stay as long as her mom’s boyfriend was around, so her big sister took her in. She is said to be doing well.

The Not To Hot star is supposedly losing her reality show soon if she doesn’t get her act together, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Mama June Shannon was arrested in March for alleged possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. The WeTV producers have tried to step in to convince her to seek treatment, but she has refused. She is supposedly out on the open road with Geno. The network had no choice but to put her show on hold for now.

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