‘Avengers: Endgame’ BTS Footage Shows Robert Downey Jr. Delivering Final Snap

It was the snap heard round the world, and we’re not talking about Thanos’ at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. By now, most of the world knows that Tony Stark made the ultimate sacrifice in the final battle of Avengers: Endgame by snapping his fingers to decimate Thanos and his entire army, single-handedly saving the universe. The scene was one of the most powerful in the three-hour movie, and it’s the moment fans are still reeling over.

Now, some behind-the-scenes footage from that particular moment has landed on Instagram thanks to Jimmy Rich. Jimmy has been the assistant to Robert Downey Jr. on movie sets since 2003. Jimmy has been present on set for every one of Robert’s performances as Iron Man, so it makes sense why he would possess this kind of video.

In the new post, Robert is seen in front of a green screen on his knees and a portion of his Iron Man suit. After Thanos claims “I am inevitable,” Tony delivers his full-circle quote, “and I am Iron Man” before snapping his fingers on his own gauntlet.

Interestingly enough in the behind-the-scenes video, there is no sort of prop on Robert’s right hand, meaning the entire thing was completely CGI’ed. With Iron Man’s newest armor made of his bleeding edge technology, it makes sense why he wouldn’t have anything on his hand during filming.

Since Tony Stark is just a normal human being with no superhuman abilities, the powers of the stones killed him after he snapped his fingers. Most of his closest friends and his wife got to say some sort of goodbye to him before he ultimately dozed off for the last time. The stones were later removed from his destroyed gauntlet and returned to their respective places in the past thanks to Steve Rogers/Captain America.

Since April 26, much of the cast and crew have been sharing the behind-the-scenes moments that they snapped on their own personal devices. There was allegedly a “no-phone” rule on the set, but it looks like no one abided by it with all the fun leaked material coming out over the last couple of weeks. Other behind-the-scenes moments included the whole group at Tony’s funeral, preparation of all the Avengers at the final battle, and the cast in motion capture suits.

Avengers: Endgame will re-release next weekend with a deleted scene, a few surprises, and a post-credits clip.

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