Mama June Shannon: ‘From Not To Hot’ Star Feared She Might Never See ‘Pumpkin’s’ Baby

Reality TV star “Mama June” Shannon fears she may be going blind and is worried that she may never get to see her granddaughter. Fans of the WE tv show From Not to Hot will see Mama June notice that her vision is blurred during a family shopping trip to wholesale retailer Costco. Mama June is seen being rescued by the show’s production crew after noticing that her vision was impaired during the family shopping trip. Mama June was sitting in an electric shopping cart driven by her daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Mama June can be heard telling the crew that something is badly wrong with her vision, remarking that “I don’t know what’s going on? My headaches are coming back and my eyes are killing me.” The 38-year-old later visits the doctor and is told that she is suffering from a re-detached retina. The diagnosis leads to Mama June freaking out because she is worried that she may go blind and therefore be unable to see her daughter Pumpkin’s baby. She insists that Pumpkin undergoes a 3D ultrasound in case she is unable to see the baby.

When Pumpkin undergoes the scan, it is revealed that Mama June will be welcoming another baby girl to the family. It seems like Mama June may need surgery to correct her detached retina, something that she has endured before but seemingly isn’t keen to face again.

Mama June Is Determined To Avoid More Plastic Surgery

Mama June Shannon is no stranger to the surgeon’s knife. The reality TV star shed around 300 pounds of weight for From Not to Hot, thanks, in part to bariatric surgery. Her weight loss journey was tracked by the show and having lost all of that weight, Mama June is determined not to regain it. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have recently been claims that she has been putting weight back on.

However, as reported by In Touch, Mama June insists that her weight has simply fluctuated by just a few pounds. Mama June told the magazine that her weight fluctuates between 165 – 170 pounds and that she is determined that it will stay that way.

“My current weight is like 165 to 170 [lbs.]. I just try to watch what I eat and exercise when I can. I don’t ever want to go back.”

When asked if she would consider further surgery to help keep control of her weight, Mama June replied with a fairly emphatic “hell no.”

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