When an Angry Rob Kardashian Posted Intimate Pics of Blac Chyna Amid Their Ugy Fight

When an Angry Rob Kardashian Posted Intimate Pics of Blac Chyna Amid Their Ugy Fight
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Robert Kardashian Jr. is one of the lesser-known members of the family primarily due to his often avoiding the spotlight. Although he has appeared on a few episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, after a few seasons he was barely seen on the show. However, Rob made headlines in 2017 amid his ugly feud with his now ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gabe Ginsberg
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gabe Ginsberg


Rob Jr. and Chyna indeed appeared to be in love with each other, which is why it was possibly hard for the mother of two to expect such an altercation from someone she cherished. As per a 2022 article by The Sun, Rob Jr. reportedly shared some rather personal photographs of his now ex-girlfriend on Instagram and Twitter, now known as X after getting into a heated argument with her. Which in turn resulted in the suspension of both those social media accounts. 



Before it was deleted, Chyna’s then-attorney Lisa Bloom said, “Revenge p*** is a crime, almost always designed to humiliate a woman." This situation ultimately led Chyna to file a restraining order against Rob Jr. At the time, Chyna was also involved in a legal battle against the rest of Rob's family including Kim, Khloe, Kris, and Kylie for allegedly being responsible for getting her E! Reality show canceled in 2017. 



During cross-examination in court, Chyna was asked to not only pay attention to the order but also to look at the intimate images. Chyna's lawyer, Lynee Ciani was enraged by the fact that such sensitive pictures were being presented. “These are highly prejudicial n**** photos of my client,” claimed Ciani. 



Shortly after, Rhodes apologized for upsetting Chyna and proceeded to question her with great caution. He questioned her reasoning for holding a press conference in light of the restraining order and bluntly asked if it was for “publicity”. To this she denied those accusations and shared a curt response, “Rob put n*** pics of me on the internet,” she claimed and mentioned it was for the sole purpose of putting an end to any further embarrassment and emotional damage. 


Ultimately, in the end, Chyna lost the case against the Kardashian family. But as per Rolling Stone, Rob Jr. and Chyna decided to settle their case instead of prolonging it further.



A source explained, “The reason Mr. Kardashian wants to settle this case and I think it’s important for the court to understand, is that he has a small child with Ms. White [Blac Chyna’s legal name: Angela Renee White], a girl.” This was the one thing mutually agreed upon by both parties. As of now, they’re both co-parenting their daughter without any conflict.

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